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Causes Of Acne - Causes Of Acne in Teenagers


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Acne can be a real issue, especially for teenagers. However, often it isn't only teenagers that have the misfortune to develop acne. It is also possible for many adults to get it too. So what causes acne?

There are a few causes for acne, but hormones are the number one reason. There are many dermatologists that stress diet; *** activity and other lifestyle factors do not cause acne. But, some parents and magazines keep following the saying that eating fatty foods such as chocolates, French fries and pizza will cause you to have acne. Early in the teen years is when most people start experiencing signs of acne, due to puberty. For pregnant women, it is because the body is changing, again hormones.

Acne is also inherited. Severe cases known as cystic acne usually come from heredity.

Factor 2 - Rapid Shedding of Dead Skin Cells

Beginning at puberty, the cells of the follicle lining tend to shed more rapidly creating a build up of dead skin cells. In normal pores, the dead skin cells mix with sebum and flow up and out to the surface of the skin. In acne-prone skin, accumulating skin cells and sebum stick together and form a soft plug that clogs the skin pore. These clogged pores known as “microcomedones" are invisible to the eye and are the “spark plug" of acne.

Factor 3 - Bacteria

This mixture of oil and cells makes a perfect environment for the growth of a normal skin bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). Excessive growth of P. acnes can cause the formation of larger acne lesions.

What causes acne in teenagers?

As the expression goes, teenagers have raging hormones. In fact, these hormones are called androgens, and they increase for boys and girls during puberty. Androgen hormones cause oil ducts on the face, back, neck, and upper chest to start producing oil, and sometimes there is too much oil, and the result is acne. The sad reality is that these hormone levels vary from one teenager to another, and some unlikely kids just have to wait it out until their hormones stabilize. Girls often have hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, and many girls will break out during their “time of the month" even if they do not regularly get many pimples.

There are two different categories of acne blemishes. These categories are inflamed and not inflamed. Blemishes that are not inflamed can be separated into two types, commonly referred to as “whiteheads" and “blackheads". A whitehead is simply a pore that has been clogged and the bacteria and debris have no way of escaping. A blackhead is a whitehead that has been opened up and the oxidation of the oils in the skin have caused a blackish coloration.

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