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Top Ab Workout Routines


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Have you always wanted to have a stronger abdominal region? Do you want a flatter stomach, trimmer waistline, and tighter tummy? There are plenty of exercises that work the abs, but there are only three top ab workout routines.

Workout routing #1

Start by planning to work your abs 5 days a week for 6 weeks, then take a week off and start again. The first week you need to spend two days on your top abdominal muscles, two days on your oblique's, and 1 day on your lower abdominal region. The first day you should start with super setting three sets of regular crunches with leg lifts. Do as many repetitions as you possibly can and take a 2 minute break. Then, you will need to do as many sit ups as you possibly can with weights on your chest.

The second day you should work your oblique's with a superset of three sets of oblique crunches while laying on your side with three sets of standing oblique raises with weight. This will ensure that you really work the oblique area very well. The third day you will want to rest. Then, the fourth day you will work your lower abs with three sets of reverse crunches, as many repetitions as possible, and three sets of leg lifts. You will then repeat day one and day two and rest for another day.

This is week one of this ab workout and you will continue this same schedule throughout the entire 6 weeks before taking a full week off and starting again.

Workout routine #2

Start by planning to work your abs 3 days a week. This is basically a condensed version of the first workout. You will be working your oblique's and upper abs on day 1 and day 5, while working your lower abs on day 3. Do the same exercises as the above workout, but superset one oblique exercise with one upper ab exercise on days 1 and 5. This is a good workout for those of you that want to add it in with a full workout routine.

Workout routine #3

This is the top workout of all three of these and is much fuller. This is a 4 day a week play with a full week's break every 6 weeks. Day one consists of jogging for 20 minutes, followed by one set of as many crunches as possible. Then, you will do as many oblique crunches on your side as possible. Take a 1 minute break and move onto twists in the sitting position with a medicine ball or weight. Repeat these three exercises with regular breaks for three sets, and then cool down with a 5 minute jog.

Day two starts with a 45 minute jog and is followed by three sets of as many reverse crunches as possible with breaks in between sets. Then, do 3 sets of leg lifts with breaks in between. Day three is a day of rest that will consist of a light 10 minute jog.

Day four starts with a 30 minute jog and move to three sets of standing oblique raises with weights. After that move onto a superset of sit ups with oblique crunches while laying on your side. Take a break and repeat for two more sets.

The final workout is the top ab workout routine because it includes cardio exercise to burn fat and calories along with tough abdominal exercises that will work all the areas of the mid section. Make sure you take the necessary precautions and if you cannot handle the length or repetition of any of these workout, then start with less reps or sets and work your way up.

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