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What Causes Hemorrhoids


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It is a little known fact that everybody has hemorrhoids, but it's only when they become problematic that we know they are there. After reading this article you will know what causes hemorrhoids, their symptoms and the types of treatments available to you.

Hemorrhoids, also known as haemorrhoids or piles are blood vessels that become inflamed and enlarged in the anal canal and rectum. Their positioning within the body will determine whether you are dealing with internal hemorrhoids, located within the anal canal above the dentate line, or external hemorrhoids located in and around the anus, below the dentate line.

What causes hemorrhoids

The exact reasons for what causes hemorrhoids to enlarge are not known, but there are several theories based on the correlation between lifestyles and hemorrhoid sufferers:

  • Poor Diet - Being overweight through poor diet and not eating enough fibre is thought to trigger off hemorrhoids.
  • Constipation - Chronic straining when passing a hard stool is also thought to be a major cause of hemorrhoids as the hemorrhoid cushions are pulled downwards as the stool is forced through the anal canal.
  • Straining / heavy lifting - This is similar to the constipation theory that excess straining and force induces inflammation of the hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy - The strain of child child birth both during and after pregnancy is also thought to cause hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

There are various symptoms that will indicate whether you are suffering from hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are easier to diagnose as they can be felt and seen around the anus. Internal hemorrhoid symptoms include,

  • Itchiness and irritation around the anus area
  • Bleeding when you pass a stool
  • Pain during and after passing a stool

Hemorrhoid treatment

There are several types of treatment options available, some more effective, expensive and painful than others, including rubber band treatment where a band is tied around the base of the hemorrhoid, laser surgery and a number of very effective over the counter topical creams and tablets. Choosing the right treatment for you will depend on your circumstances and budget.

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Here you will discover free facts about hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid treatment products and how you can quickly relieve your pain and safely treat your hemorrhoids in the comfort of your own home.


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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?
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