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Three Ways to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight - Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Ivonna Boss

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There are few things you can do! Here are some basic ways you can try to lose post pregnancy weight. It comes down to nursing, diet change and exercising. The best off all, without starving diets!

The first one is the easiest one. If you are nursing, the pounds should be coming off as long as you are eating healthy. Avoid junk food and you should be o. k. On average women can lose from a pound to four per month just with breast feeding. If you add light exercise to that, it may be even faster. However, if you are nursing and making any extreme changes to your diet, you should really discuss this with your Dr. and baby pediatrician. Both you and the baby have to get enough nutrition.

If you have stopped nursing, then changes in your diet are a must. During our pregnancy if we had a sweet tooth, we filled it. That actually has to stop. I love chocolate, but sugar is really the worse food to eat if you are hoping to lose weight. Replacing your sweet tooth with fruit and vegetables will actually help your body recover faster, and you will have more energy.

When it comes to exercise. After your pregnancy you have to start slowly with your exercise. The reason is that your body is still recovering. I personally have hurt my joints starting out too fast. I really wanted to lose that post pregnancy weight, but it did take nine months to gain it, so we have to take it easy. As a mom, finding time to exercise is hard, but possible. Try going for a walk with your little one, or just dancing in your living room. Kids do get kick out of it, and you do burn your calories and fat.

However, if you have tried and was unable to lose pregnancy weight with any of these, and are still struggling, you can try carb rotation diet . I managed to lose 20 pounds without any diet, but I had to stop nursing and I could not lose any more. I was really getting depressed and than I came across carb rotation diet. It really thought me a lot about nutrition, what food to eat that burns more calories and which food to avoid at all times.

Losing post pregnancy weight is difficult, but it is doable! Do not go on starving diets because most likely you will gain the weight back.


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