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Small Changes in Your Lifestyle Can Lead to Great Benefits in Your Health, Diabetes and Weight

Katie Evans

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"My doctor told me I had to lose weight or I will be looking at diabetes and high blood pressure medications for the rest of my life. Is it too late for me?"

This is a common lament. The good news is that it is never too late to start living a healthier life! Did you doctor tell you how to lose weight? Many just say, “Eat right and exercise. " Easy to say, but for some, not so easy to do!

Here is what to do to start: When you go to the grocery store choose foods that are as close to their original state as possible. For instance choose raw broccoli instead of frozen broccoli with cheese sauce. Choose fresh chicken over frozen chicken strips. Choose whole grain rice instead of instant rice. Read nutrition labels to ensure the foods you're eating are good for your body. A healthy balanced diet is your goal.

When it is time to eat, try using a smaller lunch plate instead of a dinner plate and put more vegetables and fruit on your plate than simple carbohydrates or protein. Cut back on sugary foods by enjoying them only on special occasions.

Exercise can be as simple as taking a short walk everyday. Think of ways you can more your body a little bit more throughout your day. When you go shopping park your car in the first spot you find rather than driving around and trying to find one near the door. Take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator.

Little changes in your lifestyle can save your life!

Katie Evans is the founder and CEO of the Living Lite Weight Loss Program, which shows people HOW to create a healthier lifestyle. When you use hypnosis and the incredible power of your subconscious mind, you will never diet again, you will simply learn how to create a new relationship with food. For those who wish to make a living helping people heal their lives so they can lose weight and keep it off, there are now Living Lite Licenses available. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to own her own business (we accept men licensees, too!) and still have support and guidance in setting up the systems. Ms. Evans is a published author, lecturer and entrepreneur. She also teaches “The Mental Game of Golf" on cruise ships. You can reach Katie at: or or


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Amazing Health Benefits of Weight Loss
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