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Attack At The Root, And Not Superficially


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Through the day we see advertisements on television for some health related product or the other. Some of them are for our body, while rest is for our hair and skin. Each of the hair products ads promises miracles, to cure dandruff problem, to boost hair growth and to give us long shiny smooth beautiful hair. But are these all really possible? Have you ever thought of what would happen if each one of us was to buy one of these products and use them? The companies manufacturing them would get richer, but will our hair get richer? Rather unlikely. This is because, our scalp is very sensitive and only certain products will suit our hair types.

When buying clothes or shoes, we go by design and color, the one we like the most is what we end up buying. But we can't do this with hair products, they need to be bought keeping in mind our hair condition and what is it we are looking for. If it is a mild one, then something with wheat protein would do the trick, but if one needs to work on ridding dandruff or excessive dryness, then a suitable shampoo needs to be purchased. Outside of shampoos and conditioners, there are various other hair related products found in the market. These are for styling, setting of the hair and also to moisturize it to preserve the nutrients.

If over the weekend we are planning a movie or dinner, we would want to look our best, and this includes creating a special hair do. For this, most people would visit a salon to get their hair styled and set. This would cost them a lot of money and time. Instead they can use one of the various products available in Sunsilk or other brands that can be used at home by themselve. Saving time and money, they can experiment and create a new style that suits their facial structure. There are new range of hair products that get released into the market every week; it could be new formula or old products in new packaging. Either way, the companies are trying to come up with newer better products to serve the various kinds of customers they have and try to solve the queries that people face.

Vitamin E, A and Keratin are said to be essential for our hair to remain healthy and there are hair products which are filled with these vitamins and minerals. These are designed specially for dry, damaged hair that needs some vitamins to revive the dead cells and increase blood circulation. It also adds moisturizes hair, enriching it with new life to handle daily pressures and stress levels. The hair products utilized by a person should be consistent with their eating patterns and daily routine. Else hair will get damaged and be unable to get used to the different compositions of various products being used on it. If a person wants to add volume to their hair or make it soft and smooth, there are packages available which consist of a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment mask that can be applied, left on for a while and then washed off.

Whatever be the condition, make sure to find the reason for it before trying to fight it and eradicate the same. The only way is to consult an expert and value their suggestions.

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The Root of All Evil
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