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Is It Time For You To Cut High Cholesterol Levels?


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It's long been accepted that too much cholesterol in the body is not good news. It blocks the arteries by clinging the inner walls. This causes a restriction in the amount of blood that flows through, and since all the organs in our body rely on a steady blood flow, this can be catastrophic, notably for the brain and heart. A blocked artery leading to the heart will cause a heart attack and one leading to the brain will cause a stroke.

Often people know about this, but they feel ok, so don't do anything to attend to their high levels. They only know about it when something fails - if they are lucky they will survive, if they aren't lucky it will be the grim reaper calling.

So, what's the best way to cut down our LDL levels? Note I say cut *down* not cut *out* because cholesterol is an essential part of our cell building process. One way to cut down the levels is to eat low or lower cholesterol loaded foods. There is a huge diet industry out there, and believe me they have not missed the boat on these low options. You will find everything from chips to snacks that are labeled as low, heart healthy foods.

However, some of these options don't taste as good as the ‘fully leaded’ version! Of course that's just a fact of life, it was eating all that high cholesterol stuff that caused the problem in the first place!

Another option is to do something about the cholesterol once it enters our system, not beforehand. Oatmeal is a good example. Oatmeal is a soluble fiber food which can surround this pesky sticky substance and eliminate it when your body eliminates the oatmeal. You should try to eat a bowl of oatmeal at least five times a week to see a significant reduction. There is also a product called Cholesterblock, which works by making your body think that this product is actually cholesterol so the real stuff is just flushed out by the body.

The advantage of this? It means that you have to worry less about the levels in the food you eat.

It does not mean you don't pay any attention at all, and just eat whatever you want, you know by now that is just silly, but with a product like Cholesterblock, life can be a little bit easier!

Patricia is a health focused content author. For more ideas on how to reduce your levels, visit Cholesterol Reducing Tips


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Learn How To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels
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