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Natural Way To Deal With Menopause - Discover Natural Substances To Help Fight Menopause Symptoms


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In recent years, more and more women look for a natural way to deal with menopause. For some, it's about learning more about natural medication for menopause, including menopause herb formulas, while others search for menopause the “best stuff" for hot flashes.

First, it's important to understand that when we use the term natural medication for menopause, we don't mean “medication" per se. What we do mean is that there are natural substances such as herbs and nutrients that may help combat menopausal symptoms that wreck havoc during this very natural time of a women's life.

That said, let's begin with natural medication for menopause. Later in our article, we will discuss menopause the “best stuff" for hot flashes and menopause herb formulas.

Get acquainted with Black cohosh. Black cohosh is heralded as an herbal remedy for combating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. In fact, as far as a natural way to deal with menopause, black cohosh has even been recommended as an alternative to standard hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which has proven dangers as well as it can produce unwanted side effects in many women. Indeed, this herb is considered a natural medication for menopause, meaning herbal remedy.

Meet Dong Quai. Donq Quai is a member of the celery family and one of its best-known uses is that of regulator of the female reproductive system. It's most widespread use is to deal with women's ailments such as premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, irregularity, and the symptoms of menopause, including alleviating hot flashes and vaginal dryness, amongst others.

Chase away menopausal symptoms with Chasteberry. Chasteberry has quite the reputation has being a helpful herb for combating many menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. As such, it too is considered a natural medication for menopause as well as a natural way to deal with menopause. Chasteberry works to stabilize hormones involved in the menstrual cycle and can be beneficial in controlling symptoms of menopause. In addition, chasteberry is used to help relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms, amongst others.

Try your luck with red clover. Red clover is rich in phytoestrogens - naturally occurring plant compounds. Studies suggest that herbs rich in these plant-based compounds may relieve the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. More specifically, red clover is rich in isoflavones, an important class of phytoestrogens. It may even play a role in osteoporosis prevention.

Check out soy products. Soybeans harbor isoflavones (class of phytoestrogens). Research suggest that high intake of soy reduces menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. Like red clover, soy may possibly reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Become familiar with other natural medication for menopause, meaning natural alternatives that may help. Some other natural herbs and substances that may help in your quest for a natural way to deal with menopause include:

  • Vitamin E may reduce the intensity of hot flashes.
  • DHEA may possibly reduce hot flashes as well as bone loss.
  • Sage is an herb that may help suppress perspiration and harbors phytoestrogen properties.
  • Wild yam root and sarsaparilla are natural estrogen promoters and they too have been used as a natural way to deal with menopause symptoms.

Now, let's move on to menopause the “best stuff" for hot flashes. Indeed, many women have requested information on menopause the “best stuff" for hot flashes.

Quite honestly, not all of them will work for everyone, but there is some strong evidence that some of these herbs, including soy products do indeed help with the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and the like.

So, what about menopause herb formulas, meaning a combination of herbs like chasteberry combined with herbs such as dong quai or black cohosh or other comprehensive formulas designed to fight menopausal symptoms?

Side Note: There are many different menopause herb formulas, meaning a combination of herbs as well as other comprehensive formulas containing herbs and other natural substances. In fact, some comprehensive formulas are designed to help combat menopausal symptoms as well as increase *** desire. Therefore, it's important to understand the how and why of what makes these products useful—an important factor in making an informed decision about a natural way to deal with menopause.

We believe you're better off taking a menopause comprehensive product that is professionally and scientifically formulated by a highly-credentialed scientific team that can ensure the proper blending of ingredients to maximize the therapeutic benefits needed to combat menopausal symptoms.


  1. A comprehensive formula using carefully selected ingredients can offer more therapeutic benefits, often better than taking a single herb or nutrient on its own.
  2. Mixing and matching nutrients and herbs on your own can be very dangerous to your health as well as expensive.
  3. Ratios of ingredients have to be balanced perfectly in order for it to be optimally effective.

Final note. . .

It's important that you always speak to a physician before taking any dietary supplements, including taking herbs as a natural way to deal with menopause.

Cindy Amorin is the chief editor of, an information-rich site that discusses nutritional, dietary, and herbal supplements and their potential therapeutic value. She is the editor of menopause information, a section of Nutritional-Supplement-Educational-Centre discussing a variety of topics associated with menopause.

For those of you interested in learning more about menopause natural treatments and tips on how to buy quality supplements meet us on the web at our menopause natural treatments web page.


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Menopause Symptoms, Supplements And Natural Remedies
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