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Tips On How To Stop Smoking - Listen To The Experts


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The best tips on how to stop smoking you will ever get are from those who have successfully done it. Smoking is an addiction, and studies have shown that the smoking habit is even harder to break than an addiction to heroin.

You Can’t Fight Nicotine With Nicotine
Nicotine stimulates our brains to produce dopamine, the “pleasure” neurotransmitter, better than almost any other substance, so quitting smoking is not just a matter of finding some other non-addicting replacement in the way that methadone can be substituted for heroin to help people over withdrawal. Tips on how to stop smoking which do not acknowledge the addictive nature of nicotine will simply not be of any use.

But if you are willing to get tips on how to stop smoking from others who have actually done it, and not just quit for a while but kicked the smoking habit for good, you will be getting a treasure trove of wisdom. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

Tips on how to stop smoking which tell you that you can use nicotine-based smoking cessations products to ease yourself through the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, until your body stops craving nicotine, are misleading for one reason: as long as you are relying on nicotine to help you recover from a nicotine addiction you are merely feeding the beast.

While nicotine replacement products may be useful in eliminating the toxins with which cigarette smoking saturates your tissues, they do nothing to get at the root cause of your addiction. Any tips on how to stop smoking which do not include the necessity of behavioral modification therapy to understand and find ways to overcome your emotional need to smoke are doing you a disservice.

Find A Support Group Of Those Who Have Been There
One of the best places to find reliable tips on how to stop smoking is through the hundreds of stop smoking support groups available both off and online. Nicotine Anonymous, modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, provides a twelve-step program based on the understanding that smokers suffer from a nicotine addiction.

The Nicotine Anonymous pamphlet “Tips for Gaining Freedom From Nicotine” offers fifty-five tips on how to stop smoking divided into categories covering the pre-quitting, quitting, and maintenance phases of kicking the cigarette habit. All the tips on how to stop smoking in the pamphlet are from people who have recognized that they are addicts and that their nicotine recovery is a lifetime process.

Nicotine Anonymous is just one of hundreds of stop smoking groups on which you can call to provide you with tips on how to stop smoking which will help you prepare for, and survive, the quitting process. To find one in your area, try contacting the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, or your local health department.

You can also find more info on Hypnosis To Stop Smoking and Stop Smoking Laser Treatment . is a comprehensive resource to know smoking & how to get it off.


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