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If An Apple A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away, What Can A Carton Of Apple Juice Do For Your Asthma?


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We’ve all heard the old saying about “an apple a day” but now there’s evidence to back up this claim especially if you’ve asthma!

A recent study in European Respiratory Journal found that kids who drank apple juice at least once per day were 50% less likely to develop asthma symptoms. They found that drinking apple juice was more productive than just eating apples because the children were consuming more apples this way.

It goes on to say that children in Greece that ate a Mediterranean diet with high amount of fruit, vegetables and nuts had a lower chance of developing asthma and allergies.

So can improving your diet improve your asthma and what are the best things to take?

Here’s my top 5…

Water - We all know the importance of water in the body. After breathing it’s the next more important activity we need to do to stay alive. Water makes up the largest portion of our body it’s in our blood and our digestion depends on it for everything to move smoothly.

With a lack of water in our bodies the mucus in our bodies becomes thicker and our histamine levels increase. It’s then harder for the mucus to travel in the body and eliminate toxins. To help reduce histamine levels drink a quarter to half a teaspoon of sea salt in warm water this will help with any asthma symptoms you may be having.

It’s also important to drink some water throughout the day to keep your throat and airways moist so that they work better.

Aloe Vera - In liquid form it’s known to reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue. It’s also a great healer and strengthener and it promotes free energy flow through the body.

In gel form this really is a first aid kit in a bottle, the gel version is fantastic for burn and skin ailments (I’ve personally used it on my 2 year old son Oisin, who had eczema and it was a great success. )

Quinoa - Try taking quinoa in the mornings instead of your usual breakfast and your body will thank you! It’s a great source of protein (more usable protein than meat and more is usable calcium than cow’s milk).

Quinoa supports healthy kidney function. If you didn’t know, healthy kidneys are very important for healthy breathing.

Ginger - Ginger and other spices like turmeric have been long used for the relief of asthma, especially in the West Indies. They work so well in that they help to reduce inflammation by turning off inflammation producing protein in the body.

Alfalfa - Is high in natural digestive enzymes and high in amino acids and can contain up to 4 times the vitamin c as your average orange. The benefits of alfalfa are that it nourishes your blood and digestive system. *(Vitamin C is Great natural antihistamine and helps to reduce inflammation in an asthmatic attack. In fact a survey was done in the U. K on 1,500 people showed that if a person ate at least 2 apples per week had a 22-32% less risk of having an asthmatic attack by than people who didn’t. )

As well as watching what you eat you should also consider how much you eat, as this can also have an effect on your breathing. Eating a big meal just before bed time puts unnecessary strain on your system and also it usually affects your breathing by causing you to mouth breath rather than breathing through your nose, which may cause an asthma attack to happen in the early hours of the night.

Visit now and download our report where you can discover how you can use a simple, step-by-step system to make a tremendous difference to your health…just by changing how you breathe!


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