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Treatment Of Male Genital Warts - What You Can Do


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Treatment of male genital warts has a few different varieties. The disease that causes genital warts is incurable, so the goal of treatment is simply to keep them from spreading and to ease the discomfort. The best treatment depends on the individual's circumstances. Your doctor will take a look at the warts and, depending on how many there are and the size, recommend what he or she believes is the best treatment.

If you are a man, you can get genital warts on your penile shaft, scrotum, anus or urethra. They can be either large or small, or soft or rough in texture. Male genital warts are often hard to see because they may be under the pubic hair. Men with genital warts often also experience some kind of itching, burning or discharge.

To treat male genital warts, you may use topical creams, anti-viral medications, immunotherapy, surgery or cyrotherapy.

Usually, genital warts can be treated right there in the doctor's office. These treatments include:

Cyrotherapy - using liquid nitrogen to freeze off the warts.

Trichloracetic acid (TCA) - removing the warts with a TCA chemical compound.

Electrocautery - using an electrical current to burn the warts off.

Laser therapy - used only in severe cases where other treatments have been ineffective. In this case, the doctor uses a laser to kill the warts. This procedure is expensive and rarely used.

You can also get creams like imiquimod and podofilox to use at home. These are offered by prescription only. This is a more desirable option for most men because you can do it at home. You have to apply the cream every day for a certain period of time. This saves you from having to make trips to the doctor.

There are also holistic remedies known as “immune response modifiers. " These don't use special chemicals, but use natural acids that help your body's immune system fight the virus. They are used for other skin ailments as well.

If you suffer from genital warts, keep in mind that there still is no cure for the virus that causes them. Your treatment will make the warts disappear and make you feel better, but it will not get rid of the virus. You will have it for the rest of your life, and may experience periodic outbreaks in the future. Also remember that condoms are not always effective in preventing the spread of the virus. This is because they do not protect the part of the body that has warts. The only reliable way to prevent the spread of genital warts is to keep any part of your partner's body from coming into contact with the affected area.

There are lots of options for male genital wart treatment . If you have an outbreak, talk to your doctor to determine which is the best method for you. Your doctor can tell you the pros and cons of each.

You can also find more info on what genital warts look like and over the counter treatment for genital warts . is a comprehensive resource to help individuals with genital warts to identify symptoms, prevention and treatment options.


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