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Antidepressant And Menopause - Medication For Menopause


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Menopause is an extremely difficult period in a woman's life. How the woman deals with the bodily changes occurring in her system is up to her and the doctor she is working with. It is important to know all of your treatment options for the symptoms you may have during menopause. There are hot flashes, mood swings, depression, weight gain, loss of *** appetite, and headaches. Menopause and Prozac seem to go hand in hand for those who experience menopause symptoms to the extreme.

First, let us look at what Prozac has been used to treat. Prozac was originally designed to help those who suffered from depression. During the study, for this pill it was also determined that those who were in menopause and treating depression with Prozac had less hot flashes. So now, we know that menopause and Prozac go well together. You can treat two symptoms of menopause if you decide you need Prozac. Keep in mind that there are natural methods to treating depression and hot flashes so you if you have doubts about taking a manufactured drug you might try these methods first.

Menopause and Prozac has a nice ring to it if you have found the natural methods are not helping you. Some women are more affected by depression, mood swings due to the hormone imbalance, and they need stronger acting medications. Another medication you may consider when in menopause is Zoloft for depression though it may not treat the hot flashes as Prozac does.

When it is your body you are dealing with it is important to be comfortable with the treatment you are seeking. You may have adverse reactions to one or the other drug listed above. Therefore, you might find that you are not treating hot flashes with Zoloft or you might find that Prozac works better for you. Speak with your doctor about the side effects you may have while taking this medication and keep in mind that if you are still seeking a natural way to treat depression the two will counteract the effects you are seeking and cause severe depression.

Menopause and Prozac tend to be to peas in a pod when you are looking to relieve yourself of menopause symptoms. It is important to understand what affects manufactured medications can have on your body before taking them as well as trying the natural method first if that would make treatment more comfortable for you. Menopause is a difficult time in your life and you should not have to suffer unduly.

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Menopause and Vitamins For Menopause
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