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Depression in Teenagers


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Most of the time people say that adolescence is the most difficult stage of life. This can actually be true, depending on the person itself. But there is a disease that can make adolescence a much more difficult stage in life, it is called depression. Although depression can occur in different stages of life, it is most common in teenagers. Depression can cause many academic as well as social problems such as fights with your friends and family, and low grades in school or college.

Depression can be caused by many different factors. This can be passed on by your parents or grandparents, because it is hereditary. Most of the cases of this problem are caused by external factors that affect your life in a negative way. In teens, problems like these can affect them in a deeper way. School, family, friends, responsibilities, and other things can trigger depression in the adolescence. Symptoms of this disease are sudden changes in mood, and loss of appetite. A person that has this problem is very difficult to identify since this disease’s symptoms are not like other diseases in which you can physically see the symptoms.

Depression affects your social and academic life. Life with your family will become very difficult, fights and discussions may arise on a daily basis. Your relationship with your friends can also change in a negative way. The sudden changes in your mood can make your friends distance themselves from you, and sometimes you can even lose the friendship entirely. Aside from this, your academic life can also be affected, your grades can get worse and you can get to the point of failing a subject. When you have depression, you don’t feel like doing anything and important things like family and school can become the least of your priorities.

When the depression is detected, you can treat it with special medications that need to be prescribed by a doctor or a psychiatrist which are to be taken everyday, depending on the prescription, you can also go to a psychologist and let him/her help you by talking to you. Recovering from depression can be a slow process and it is definitely hard. You will also be required to make a very strong effort to help yourself and let other help you in dealing with this problem.

Depression, as you know, is a very dangerous disease that can affect many important factors in your social and academic life. It should not be overlooked and as soon as you know you have it you should treat it because, in the long range, it can destroy your life and the lives of the people around you.


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