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Sweating Feet? Learn 3 Simple Tips to Deal with Excessive Sweating Feet


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Where in the whole world can you find a room full of people with smelly and sweating feet?

In an army barrack full of sweating soldiers!

Yes, I found that out when I had to go through compulsory conscription in my country a few years back. Sweating feet is no laughing matter though. And you do not have to be a full time soldier to experience excessive sweating feet either.

However, I learned a few tips to help us prevent excessive sweating feet from one of the sergeants’ in-charge. These tips not only help to control the pungent smell emitting from your sweating feet but also help to reduce sweating in general.

What are these simple tips I am referring to?

First off, one of the best ways to keep your sweating feet dry and odor free is to wear well-ventilated shoes. This may seem elementary but some people who are suffering from excessive sweating feet do not realize that their tightly wrapped up shoes could be the main culprit for their sweating feet problems.

Keeping your feet covered, in a more than likely cramped pair of shoes, and you will find yourself suffering for it.

Secondly, you might want to use talcum powder before putting on your shoes to work or to school. Make sure that your feet are completely dried before applying powder on them. This tip, I can assure you, works wonders for people who are experiencing sweating feet.

This is also one the ways how the army boys keep their feet odorless during the many days training in the field without any opportunity to shower daily.

And thirdly, wear a clean pair of socks! Yes, wash your socks and if you need to, wear a new pair of socks everyday. I used to have excessive sweating feet too, and oh boy, how they smell terrible. However, ever since I practiced a daily hygiene routine of using a new pair of socks everyday, the problem starts to fade away.

And socks are not that expensive either.

Alternatively you could take along a second pair of shoes with you. This can also help to minimize sweating feet problems, and also gives your feet time to air out in a nice clean pair of shoes.

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