Ten Ways to Help Your Children Avoid the Obesity Epidemic

Katie Evans

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According to the prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies, located in Washington DC, about 20% of children in the USA will be obese by 2010 if dramatic steps are not taken to halt childhood obesity. The problem is one of the 21st century's “most critical public health issues", says Jeffrey Koplan, chairman of the report committee and former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to Katie Evans, founder of the Living Lite Weight Loss Program in Seattle, WA, in 1987, parents don't do more to help their children because they don't know what to do. “Whatever you do, DON'T put your children on a diet. " Evans pleads. “Most of my adult obese clients began having serious, lifelong weight problems as a result of childhood dieting. "

Instead, Evans recommends her “Ten Steps to prevent Obesity in Your Child" outlined below. Parents can also take a short test to help determine the possibility that your child might develop Type II diabetes. The test can be found on Evans’ website, found below.


10. For dessert, offer your family fresh fruit dipped in “Fudge Sweet"
9. Take your children to the park or for a walk or riding bicycles frequently.
8. Invest in and USE a crock pot.
7. Serve your children protein for breakfast. Toss out the sugary cereals.
6. Pack a healthy lunch for your children.
5. Educate yourself on basic nutritional values of food.
4. Compliment and encourage your children OFTEN.
3. Support or cultivate an interest in sports or dance or any physical activity for your children.
2. Turn off the television while eating ANYTHING and, when possible, eat dinner all together.

And the BEST way to ensure better health for your children:

1. Get healthy and take care of yourself. You can care for those you love to the extent that you care for yourself.

Katie Evans is the founder and CEO of the Living Lite Weight Loss Program, which shows people HOW to create a healthier lifestyle. When you use hypnosis and the incredible power of your subconscious mind, you will never diet again, you will simply learn how to create a new relationship with food. For those who wish to make a living helping people heal their lives so they can lose weight and keep it off, there are now Living Lite Licenses available.
Ms. Evans is a published author, lecturer and entrepreneur. She also teaches “The Mental Game of Golf" on cruise ships. You can reach Katie at: livinglitenow.com or hypnosisweightlossbusiness or livinglite.net


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The Obesity Epidemic - A "Large" Problem
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