The 5 Best Anti Aging Exercises To Stay Young


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As we age, hormonal levels diminish and our skin, muscles and bones begin to deteriorate. A good anti-aging exercise regime should stimulate hormone production and promote strength and flexibility.

Studies have shown that nothing works better to attain anti-aging effects than a regular exercise program. ‘Regular’ is the key word – unless your exercise program is consistent, the process won’t have the same effect.

There are certain types of exercises that will help you stay active, live a longer and happier life and stay mentally alert. How often and how strenuous you make your exercise program depends on your personal needs, both physical and your daily lifestyle.

The Best Exercises to Reap Anti-Aging Results

There are three definitive types of exercises that are best suited for an anti-aging regime:

  • Flexibility – The most important exercises to beat the aging process. It increases blood circulation and releases serotonin, which is a chemical produced by the brain and is necessary for overall health and well-being. Flexibility exercises are also safe and easy to perform.

  • Strength Building – These exercises will help build sturdiness and sustain bone mass. Your chances of having a debilitating injury are lessened as you build your muscle strength. Exercises to improve the muscles in your shoulders, back and legs will also help with hormone production.

  • Cardiovascular – Designed to keep your heart healthy, aerobic exercises also help fight depression and keep your weight down. Running, brisk walking and any other exercise that will increase your heart rate for a sustained period of time release brain chemicals that produce hormones.

    Research has shown that there’s no particular time of the day when exercising is best, however accidents seem to happen more often in morning hours – muscles and joints seem to be less flexible at that time.

    Preferably, exercise when you aren’t too tired, but when you’ve been up and about for awhile. Mid afternoon seems to be a good time for most people to perform exercises without too much fear of injury.

    You don’t need a home gym or an expensive membership in a neighborhood gym. One piece of equipment that you know you’ll use on a regular basis is the best investment is one that you know you’ll use on a regular basis.

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