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Women go through a tough time during menopause. This usually occurs in the age group between 45 and 55. Menopause marks the end of a woman's reproductive phase but at the same time, there is a world of excitement and contentment awaiting her. But then, the transition may not be that easy as a woman goes through various symptoms of menopause that can cause emotional and physical problems.

How does menopause happen? It happens to the woman when her ovaries stop producing progesterone and estrogen. This leads to dropping hormone levels in her body. Some of the menopause symptoms are menopause hot flushes, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, depression, mood swings, anxiety, night sweats, heart palpitations and headaches. Apart from her genes, her lifestyle, her diet, her alcohol intake, her smoking and stress decide the onset of menopause. Unhealthy lifestyle can lead to premature menopause.

Natural remedies for menopause
Stress management- Fortunately, for women menopause can be just another challenge that they can successfully overcome by adopting changes in their lifestyle. Menopause can be quite stressful if a woman is continuously stressed. It is highly commendable that today’s woman can juggle her family life, her carrier and her marriage, but she has to make sure she is not stressed. Easier said, than done but there are many women who have benefited by stress management and sticking to natural remedies for menopause.

Exercise-Exercising regularly will not only keep you in shape but will minimize stress and depression during menopause. A healthy balanced diet and a good amount of exercises will increase your metabolic rate, slow down osteoporosis, lower the blood pressure and make you feel good during menopause.

Drink lots of water: Drink at least 7 glasses of water daily. If you are experiencing hot flushes during menopause, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and spicy food. You may drink decaffeinated tea or coffee. Also do not stay for long in confined places.

Have sex: Having sex is the best way to cure vaginal dryness during menopause. Plus it a pleasurable mode of menopausal treatment! In fact regular sex and regular exercise will minimize vaginal dryness during menopause. If you find *** activity painful, then you can use water based vaginal lubricants. There may be a marked decrease in libido following menopause. That does not mean you will be able to enjoy great sex. With increased foreplay and warm bath before *** intercourse, you will most certainly enjoy sex during menopause.

Many women like you who have been suffering from ills of menopause, decreased libido or lack of self confidence have benefited greatly from natural solutions to cure menopause

Arunraj V. s.believes that our sex life can be improved if we care enough to go back to our roots (ie, nature) and ingrain humor and love in our lives. There is a lot of unparalleled power in the natural cure for menopause if you care for your body. To learn about the secrets to great sex life for both men and women,


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Menopause Symptoms, Supplements And Natural Remedies
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