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Identify Bipolar Disorder Triggers


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Bipolar disorder or often people refer it as manic depression, is a type of mood disorder that suffered by millions of people around the world. Mood swings natural for every human being, but bipolar disorder is way beyond the normal .

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme low depression and highs mood (or you may called it mania episode). Even though each and every bipolar patient symptoms are vary from individual. But In most cases, the frequency of mood swing and episode of bipolar patient or follow by certain other words, your mood swing can be predicted. it is important to find out what is the the triggers cause your mood swings, or you may call stressors. it may includes the following:

- Drugs or alcohol misuse - stop your medication - not sleeping regularly - work problems - having medical conditions like thyroid problems - seasonal changes - illnesses - holidays - disagreements between family/friends - death of family member, friend, or loved one - marital problems - starting college or a new line of work is of huge advantage for disorder patient to identify the triggers of your mood swing in order to control your bipolar symptoms. You can do this by having your very own personal mood chart. all you need to do is record all your emotions and the corresponding events that took place. After sometime, you will be able to notice that there are certain patterns of your mood swings.

Making your own mood chart is no way an easy task. It will help tremendously if you reach out to your family and trusted friends to help you to keep track of your mood swing. you can also try to work along your therapist or healthcare provider. they will be able to offer you of their professional help.

After identifying all the possible mood swing triggers, it's essential that you have to learn how to evade them. However, evade mood triggle can be a large topics by itself, we shall discuss about it in my another summery, evading you're mood swing triggle involves action and would require you to avoid some of your bad habits. It is better that your friends and family members made aware of the triggers so that they can assist you with your struggle.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder for 6 years and wish to share what i know with other bipolar sufferer. visit my site at


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How to Help Someone That Has Bipolar Disorder?
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