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Asthma which is pronounced Azmuh is a disease which chronically affects the airways of various people. Unfortunately for those people suffering from this disease you will find that the inside walls of their airways have become swollen and inflamed and this in turns makes them very sensitive. In many cases they will have a strong reaction to those things which they are allergic to or which they find causes them irritation.

Once the airways begin to react to the allergy they will then begin to narrow and so less air is able to flow through them in to the lungs and its tissue. Often the symptoms that most people suffering from asthma will have include the following:-

1. That they wheeze (they whistle as they breathe)
2. They cough
3. They find that their chest feels very tight
4. Finally they will start to have trouble breathing

In most cases a person suffering from asthma will suffer these symptoms more at night or early in the morning. Although this particular disease can not be cured it can be treated and controlled through the use of nebulizers such as the CompMist Compressor Nebulizer or other sorts of nebulizers and inhalers. By using these forms of treatment a person can much more effectively control the symptoms and lead pretty active lives still.

However if a person's symptoms become much worse than what is considered to be normal this is called either an asthma attack or episode. It is during this time that the muscles around the person's airways will begin to tighten up so making the airways even narrower and therefore not allowing enough air to flow through them in to their lungs. This in turns causes the airways to become inflamed further and making them much more swollen and even more narrower than they already are. Plus in some cases such an attack or episode can cause a persons airways to produce more mucus than normal and this then further narrows the person's airways. As these changes occur in the person's body so they will find it much more difficult to breathe than normal.

Yet using a nebulizer at the first signs of any sort of asthma attack or episode will help to control the symptoms more quickly and hopefully prevent the attack or episode from getting any worse. If not controlled effectively then asthma can cause serious problems to a person's way of life and prevent them from doing those things that other people would consider to be a normal part of every day life.

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