Chronic Yeast Infections and Curing Them for Good


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For someone who suffers from chronic yeast infections it may seem like a never ending battle, but don't despair as there is a permanent cure for yeast infections. This article will explain what changes you can make to ensure that you put an end to yeast infections, and though it may not always be easy-it is possible and worth certain sacrifices. Taking a holistic approach to your treatment means looking at all aspects of your life including your surroundings. Treating yourself from the inside and out is the goal here and we will begin with your diet. You will learn what foods are actually working against you and feeding the Candida albicans as well as learn what foods will help you to fight it off and regain control of your body. With some dietary changes, you can win the battle against the Candida albicans!

Once you have started implementing your dietary changes, you may actually feel a little worse before you start to feel better, but don't be discouraged because this is a normal part of the process which doctors refer to as “Herx Reaction". This is because your body is breaking down and releasing toxins at a fast rate-faster than your body can even keep up with. This can cause headaches, nausea, loss of appetite and even fever. As your body cleanses itself of these poisons you will begin to feel better.

The following are the types of foods that you should avoid because of their ability to feed the Candida albicans which you already have too much of:

- Sugar and all products containing it.
- Fruit sugars
- Bakers yeast and all products which contain it, such as bread, crackers, etc.
- Refined carbohydrates
- Dairy products
- Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine

It may seem like you have to cut out everything, but trust me-that is not the case. Your main goal here is to keep from feeding the overgrowth of Candida albicans that is already present in your body and causing your yeast infections and taking a holistic approach to your treatment. You won't have to cut these things out forever, just until you take back your body!

The following are foods that you CAN have as well as other that will be helpful in curing your yeast infections:
- Yeast free breads and whole grains
- Fish and organic meats
- Fresh organic vegetables
- Olive oil, flaxseed oil
- Garlic
- Water and lots of it!
- Almonds
- Seeds
- Apple cider vinegar
- Unsweetened cranberry juice
- Lactobacillus acidophilus capsules

By making these changes, you are on your way to curing your yeast infections for good!

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Chronic Yeast Infections - Why You're Suffering With This Destructive Fungus
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