Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Women are eventually worry about their appearance when they are pregnant. Their body become fat and in some women appear pigmentation in some parts of their body.

During pregnancy, especially at the beginning of third trimester, stretch-marks usually appears in the tummy. This is happens due to the rapid enlargement of the uterus, then it makes the stretching of the skin of the tummy. The skin in some parts somehow losing the elasticity, and when the baby born, the skin suddenly flabby/slack, and the stretch marks seem don’t want to go from the tummy.

There are many factors play a role in the appearance of strechmarks: heredity, change in hormones, diet etc. Women with darker skin have the bigger chance to have stretch-marks rather than they with lighter one.

When the stretch-marks starts to “show up” on your skin, apply some treatment cream on the mark. Unfortunately, there is no exact internationally recommended treatment, some cream are working, for some women, others may not. But there are many cosmetic products produce to treat their mark.

A specific treatment for stretch marks that could completely remove the stretch marks and return the skin to its natural color is not available till date. The various options of treatment for stretch marks that are available in the market today only provide some relief from the symptoms and do not aid in completely removing them. Plenty of topical medications are available in the market, which are being widely used in the treatment for stretch marks. Some of the options used in the treatment for stretch marks include topical medications, techniques using laser, and surgical procedures.

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Stretch Marks: Prevention and Treatment During Pregnancy
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