Topical Cream Versus A Pill For Increasing Breast Size


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Both topical breast enhancement creams and pills (or tablets, capsules, liquids) have been on the market for the same length of time. Both can work to increase breast size because they contain similar ingredients: natural herbal extracts that can promote breast tissue growth. These extracts contain natural estrogens, called phytoestrogens that are attracted to cell membrane receptor sites stimulating mammogenesis, or development of the mammary gland. This process causes breasts to grow fuller and firmer. Estrogen is a hormone that is necessary for the normal *** development and growth of the breasts, uterus and ovaries. There are many herbs containing estrogenic herbs; however, Wild Yam is a key ingredient in promoting breast tissue growth. As well as phytoestrogens, it also contains a phytoprogesterone, which is in itself and important ingredient in regulating a woman's glandular system. This creates a hormonal balancing effect. When the estrogen levels are too low, Wild Yam's mild estrogenic effect raises total estrogenic activity. It is this activity that has an important role in the development of feminine body characteristics, such as the development of breasts in puberty.

Which one will work better for me - pills or cream?
Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of breast enhancement products on the market. Some of these products produce substantial increase in breast size. Some do not. The concern most women have is: “Which one do I choose or which one will work better for me"?

The most effective pills and creams contain a variety of powerful herbs that have been shown to increase breast size; however, there is a marked difference in the way that they perform. The potency and effectiveness of the delicate hormonal ingredients that activates the breast enlargement process are dramatically compromised when delivered by pill or capsule. After being swallowed, pills must go through the entire digestive system and then travel throughout the whole body before reaching the mammary glands (breasts). This whole process can result in a long delay in the desired growth of new breast tissue. In addition, the active ingredients in pills and capsules very often lose their potency while going through the drying and the encapsulation process resulting in low grade, low performing products.

All-natural topical cream is applied and massaged directly into desired breast enlargement area. Because of this type of transdermal delivery, it retains higher levels of effectiveness than pills or capsules. It also produces results much quicker. The effectiveness is not reduced because it is not traveling through the digestive system; it is entering the breast tissue directly.

Ingredients in creams are fresher because they are added immediately after the extraction process, while still retaining their potency and volatility. It is important that the cream contains nutritious natural oils and vitamins to nourish the breasts, firming them and giving the breast skin more elasticity. This will prevent unsightly stretch marks from forming as they increase in size.

Side effects
Many women are unable to safely take breast enhancement products in pill or capsule form. Allergic reactions can result in skin breakouts and some women experience indigestion causing gastro-intestinal discomfort. When trying to decide between cream and capsules, women should keep in mind that some pills and capsules contain L-Tyrosine. This naturally occurring amino acid tends to be present in many capsules and pills as an added breast enhancing ingredient.

L-Tyrosine should never be used if you are taking any MAO inhibitors or other drugs prescribed for depression, cancer treatment, infections, and blood pressure control. L-Tyrosine has cardiac risks of heart palpitations or cardiac rhythm disturbances.

Creams, on the other hand, can be applied in complete confidence by anyone, without risk to health. There is no indigestion or other adverse side effects after using it because cream bypasses the sensitivity of the digestive system. I do not know of any creams containing L-Tyrosine as an ingredient. Of course, always check the ingredients.

Benefits of Breast Massage
Breast enhancing cream is applied using a massage system. This is important for two reasons: massage increases circulation to the breasts. The circulation makes it easier for the phytoestrogens and other herbal compounds to be picked up by the breast receptors that stimulate breast growth. Massage also increases prolactin production. Prolactin is an important breast enlarging hormone that helps develop the mammary glands. After puberty, prolactin is secreted in response to stimulation such as massage.

Francine Davidovich has been working with a master herbalist and aromatherapist since 1996. She is a former model and co-owner of Venus Naturals, a manufacturer of all-natural products for skin care, specialized body care and ageless beauty.

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