Identifying A Symptom of Kidney Stones


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The ability to recognize a symptom of kidney stones will allow the individual suffering with the ailment to seek medical attention in a timely manner. Here are some examples of signs to watch for when it comes to the presence of kidney stones.

Kidney stone symptoms are sometimes very mild when it comes to physical discomfort. The individual may feel some mild sense of pain in the area of the kidneys and the bladder that seems to dispense once the stone exits during urination. Smaller stones tend to not create much of a problem at all and whatever pain exists will quickly fade once the stone has passed.

Unfortunately, not all stones are small. Some kidney stones develop and can cause a great deal of pain as they grow. One sign that you are developing a good-sized kidney stone is the presence of blood in your urine. Should you see any blood expressed during urination, see your doctor immediately. Your physician can order proper tests to determine if you have developed kidney stones and if the stones are of such a size that you need to receive medical attention, such as sound wave treatments s to break up the stone. In the most severe cases, invasive surgery may be necessary.

As the stone descends into the urethra, there may be some sharp pains that will continue until the stone has passed. Again, for some people this level of pain is mild while for others it can feel as if little knives are slashing away at the internal organs. Doctors can provide some pain killers that will help make the pain bearable.

Understanding what is happening can take a lot of the mystery out of the situation. For anyone who experiences a symptom of kidney stones, no matter how mild, consulting a doctor will ensure the proper course of treatment is taken.

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Symptom of Kidney Stones


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