Gynecomastia Surgery - Why It Should Be The Last Option


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Gynecomastia, widely known as man *** or male breasts, is a grave cosmetic condition which attacks a great part of the male population, some say 30%- 40%. It is a condition in which the man's chest looks puffed and fatty, up to the point of resembling female breasts. This is a very embarrassing condition. While this condition has yet to receive adequate medical attention in terms of research and funding, it has become a lucrative plastic surgery business for many clinics around the world.

Thousands of men have had Gynecomastia surgery performed upon them to varying degrees of success.

Gynecomastia surgery is intended to remove the excess fat tissues in the chest and to mold the chest into a flatter and firmer look. It usually involves liposuction to reduce fat chest and surgical reshaping of your chest to get a better and more masculine look to it.

But is surgery the best option for sufferers of man *** ? Should you rush into surgery before seeking other options?

Surgery if popular because it's considered a fast fix. You go in, have it done in a couple of hours and you're good as new, right? Wrong! Surgery isn't a fast fix at all and sometimes you don't come out as good as new. Surgery involves a long time of recovery. Think about it, you will have your chest cut open and fat sucked out. It will be done in surgery, but you will still need to recover from it. Maybe you're willing to handle the pain involved in order to have a better looking chest, but realize that surgery isn't a fast fix.

Surgery also has risks. The doctors will try to downplay the risks, but you have to know that there's a chance surgery will not go as well as it should. You may end up worse than before with scars, dents or even an unevenness between the two sides of the chest. There are cases where an additional surgery may correct the failures of the first, but there is a chance of permanent damage. I'm not trying to frighten you, just to help you make an informed decision.

Surgery is a costly procedure. It costs 4,000$ at least, more if you want an expert doctor or require a special surgery.

The good news is that over the past few years other treatment options have developed. There is a chest fat reduction pill which has great results and some specific diet & fitness programs designed to eliminate man *** . Many men have gotten rid of their man *** with these treatments.

Surgery is a delicate and complicated procedure. And it is irreversible. Due to the risks involved, the high cost and the availability of other treatment options, I believe that surgery should be the last option to treat your Gynecomastia.

To read more on man *** and tips on how to get rid of them as well as treatment options, visit this dedicated webpage: How to Get rid of your man *** .

To read a comparison of various treatment options for Man *** , visit the following website: http://Man ***

John Davenport is a fitness and diet expert. He writes of safe dieting and fitness and believes in natural methods. He writes about tips and methods to get rid of men *** in a dedicated webpage on the subject at *** /


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