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One of the ways to reduce your man *** is to perform specific exercises targeted to burn chest fat and develop chest muscles. But which exercises should you perform? Here are some great man *** exercises.

1. Push ups - the old highschool routine we all know and love is also an excellent chest workout. All you need is a floor and some motivation. The push up comes is 3 basic variations that work on different parts of the chest. Overall, you can get a pretty good workout from just push ups.

2. The bench press - One of the most popular gym exercises. You can do it with a weight bar or with dumbells, or you can alternate between the two. This has a similar effect to the push up, but you can add on additional weight for extra intensity.

3. The chest flies - this is an excellent exercise that corresponds with the push-up or bench press to provide a complete chest routine. This is different from the bench press and push up because you don't push the weights away from you, you bring them from the sides working the inner and outer chest. This exercise also has 3 major variations.

4. The pullover - you bring the weights from over your head to your abdomen in a circular motion working the chest in the process.

5. Crossover - this exercise is also known as the machine flies and it has a similar effect on your chest muscles as the regular chest flies.

You should alternate between these exercises to tone your chest muscles. This can improve the condition of your man *** .

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