My Fertility Healing Success Story Plus Ten Tips For Every Holistic Healing Journey - Part Two


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In Part One of this article: “6 months ago I had doubts I would ever conceive. This is my fertility healing story. How I achieved conception with holistic healing. "

Now let us continue with the next five top tips for your holistic healing journey.

5) Listen to inspiring healing stories

Inspirational stories uplift and give you the power to go on. I listened to women, who told me their journeys and experiences. I was humbled by the courage of those who wished for children and never conceived. Many were inspirational in how they transcended the bitterness and sense of failure.

Some struggled for many years and then did conceive, and encouraged me onwards. Other powerful women friends had chosen to follow path without children, often with clear spiritual aspirations as the motivation.

6) Balance hope with relinquishment

This has been the crux of my healing journey, and I believe all healing journeys. There exists simultaneously the maintenance of hope and the vision of what is possible, and at the same time the necessity to relinquish (let go of) expectations, desires and results.

You desire something and don’t know if you’re going to get it. It’s a tough place to be at times! Develop equanimity – being OK with how things are right now, but with the gentle intention to heal.

7) Grow faith and trust

So if we let go, what are we giving our heavy responsibilities to. The letting go process is a surrender than facilitates faith and initiates support beyond just me. This means different things for every person. What is the expression of divine support for you?

‘Letting go and letting God’ is a relief for me. It provides a sanctuary from needing to figure everything out ourselves. I have felt the back-up of this invisible support invaluable.

8) Learn to listen to the physical needs of your body.

After years of a mainly vegan, vegetarian and raw food diet, I found myself craving more protein. This meant meat, fish and eggs. I chose quality sources and cultivated gratitude for the medicinal gift of that food. I felt better and better once I let go of rigid ideas about how to eat.

Your ideal diet will be different from someone elses. The question is; do you feel intrinsically happy eating the food you eat. Does it energise you? If not, start exploring!

What are the main points with healthy food for healing?

Eat: Unprocessed whole-food, organic when possible, more greens and vegetables, fresh and some raw foods, healthy fats, less sugar and white flour. Drink: more water, less alcohol and less coffee. And most of all: enjoy your food… guilt-free!

Of course it’s not just about food. Enjoy heart pumping exercise regularly for pleasure. Keep warm if you have a cool constitution. Give yourself healthy treats: take a bath if you need some nurturing, or have a massage (swap foot massages with a friend!)

9) Imagine yourself healed and invite everyone else to do the same

In the recent couple of years, when people used to ask me how it was going, I’d often say ‘just imagine me pregnant’. This was one way of saying ‘pray, but with the image of me already healed in mind’. This is always far more helpful than fearing the worst. I am infinitely grateful for all of my friends and family who sent warm supportive thoughts in my direction.

10) Develop patience

This journey has made me more understanding and more human. I found out there is no right way, just dealing with whatever is in your plate the best you can. Take it easy and know the path to wholeness is paved with patience.


What is the best thing about embracing your healing process with trust, rather than handing the authority over to professionals who you think may know better? You grow, you evolve, and you bloom inside.

I now know more truly than ever before that I am a beautiful, powerful and unique woman, who has the ability to transcend adversity and separation. 10 years ago, and even five, I couldn’t have shared that with you.

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