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Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterized by extremely high pressure in the eyeball and causes the optic disk to be damaged. Although the symptoms might not show up until it is in the advanced stages and is irreversible. This causes the optic disk to be damaged. People should get regular eye exams especially after the age of 40.

In the later stages of Glaucoma there is a loss of peripheral or side vision capability. Blurred vision, blind spots, and halos around lights may occur. Poor night vision is also a late stage symptom of Glaucoma. Left untreated blindness could occur.

Typical treatment includes medicated eye drops and pills that are often effective in reducing the pressure in the eye. This happens in one of two ways: by slowing down the production of fluid in the eye or by helping to drain extra fluid from the eye. Laser trabeculoplasty or trabeculectomy are two surgical procedures that might be done to relieve the pressure and drain the fluid from the eye.

Omega 3 fatty acids include DHA-docosahexaenoic acid is important to eye health and brain functioning. EPA-eicosapentaenoic acid and Alpha-linolenic Acid are also Omega 3 fatty acids and together are believed to support good health. Omega 6 fatty acids are Linoleic acid and Arachadonic acid. While these do have some health benefits most diets have an overabundance of Omega 6 and this has been linked to such problems as Heart disease, Macular Degeneration, Strokes, Diabetes, and Arthritis.

Specific studies have not been done to test the viability of using Omega 3 fatty acids in the treatment of Glaucoma. They have been known to have benefits in other eye problems such as retinal issues and Macular Degeneration. It would be interesting to see studies that addressed the viability of Omega 3 treatments.

There have been studies done to test the benefits of Cod Live Oil according to one study has been shown to relieve intraocular pressure in dogs. Cod Liver Oil is one of the few fish oils that are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and since it is already known to relieve other eye conditions can we then believe it would help treat Glaucoma in humans? This definitely bears further study. If Cod Liver Oil does prove to be a positive treatment of Glaucoma it would be an important addition to current courses of treatment.

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