What Should I Expect for an Average Cost for Electrolysis


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The average hourly cost for electrolysis treatments administered by a qualified skin care professional is approximately $70 per hour. However, it is difficult to pinpoint an overall average cost for electrolysis. The length of time needed to complete successful electrolysis treatments can vary significantly as a result of a number of different factors.

For example, the time required to remove a large amount of back hair will likely be significantly more than the time required to treat an eyebrow area. Therefore, the size of the area to be treated and the density of unwanted hair in the affected area have an impact on the average cost for electrolysis. Other than the quantity of hair being removed, other factors impacting the average cost for electrolysis include both the age of the patient and the type of electrolysis process and equipment used for your procedure.

In order to give you an idea of the average cost for electrolysis treatments to take care of your particular needs for permanent hair removal, your skin care professional will need to evaluate your skin type and hair follicles, and then discuss with you’re your particular goals for hair removal. With this information, the skin care professional can provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of the time involved, which can be translated in to an estimated average cost for electrolysis for your particular situation.

Of course, when looking at the average cost for electrolysis, it is important to look at what the money is paying for. Many people who struggle on an ongoing basis with unwanted body hair find the average cost of electrolysis to be very reasonable in light of the benefits of successfully removing unwanted body hair on a permanent basis. They view the positive change in their appearance and relief from an ongoing struggle with temporary hair removal procedures as well worth the average cost of electrolysis.

In a few highly unusual circumstances, the average cost for electrolysis may be covered by an individual’s health insurance. Since most people seek electrolysis for cosmetic reasons, this is not usually the case. However, in the very rare situations where the presence of certain types of infections or illnesses necessitate hair removal, it is possible that health insurance policies may cover the average cost for electrolysis .

Can At Home Electrolysis Reduce the Average Cost of Electrolysis? One way to save on the average cost of electrolysis is to perform electrolysis on yourself with an at home electrolysis system. At home electrolysis treatments are generally not recommended as the best option, although many people have reported successful results.

Since you administer the treatment yourself, your only out of pocket expense is the equipment needed for at home electrolysis. You can purchase an at home electrolysis system for as little as $30. However, performing electrolysis at home is a very time consuming, labor intensive task.

At home electrolysis can also be difficult and tedious. If you don’t follow the instructions carefully, it can also be very painful. It is generally recommended that those seeking permanent hair removal seek the help of a trained professional rather than trying to complete electrolysis treatments at home.

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