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Are you one of those people who lay awake at night wondering which colors would best accentuate blue eyes or green eyes or red hair? Well, you’re not the only one. You’re actually one of many women out there who do the same thing although some of them might deny it. Others may think, we’re crazy but they are the ones who are mistaken. It’s a serious business knowing how to match a foundation shade to the tone of your skin, or which colors will look best on your eyes.

Certain colors work for some people, and unfortunately not for others. While blue eyeshadow may look great on one of your friends, sorry to say though that doesn’t mean it looks good on you. It can be easy to look at someone on the street and judge their makeup; it is much harder to do so objectively for you.

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself every morning when it comes to choosing makeup colors. Would matching your eyeshadow to the color of your eyes be a good look? Should you match it to your outfit or your hair, instead? There are many theories when it comes to choosing makeup colors, and in the end it may just come down to personal preference. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you out a little more.

  1. Look for any celebrities with similar hair, eye and skin colors to you. They are usually the ones to know and set the latest trends in fashion and makeup. Whenever you see them on a website on in a magazine, check out what colors they are wearing. Try to take note how you feel with their look and how it would look on you.
  2. Look for people with similar styles and tastes in clothing and coloring on the street. Check them out and what colors of makeup they are using. You may be surprised at some of the ideas you can get from strangers with the similar hair or eyes as you.
  3. Read up on the internet or beauty magazines for tips on matching colors to your makeup. Visit a makeup counter for some advice and a sample of what colors and styles of application will best highlight your face.
  4. Don’t forget these basic fundamental rules of color:

    1. Never forget and underestimate the power of little makeup. Less is best.
    2. Your foundation should match your skin exactly so there are no lines.
    3. Concealer should be only a shade or two lighter than the foundation; Powder should match the foundation exactly so as not to affect the color of the foundation.
    4. Try for your eyeshadow to be neutral or pale shades ranging from pale beige to pink to tan, brown, dark brown, and plums.
    5. Eyeliner on the upper lid should be a darker color than the line along the lower lid.
    6. Blush can be almost any color as long as it coordinates with the color of your lipstick. It must be blended on softly, without any noticeable edges.
    7. To create a tanned appearance, use some golden brown and chestnut shades for your blush, eyeshadows, contour, and lipstick. Never and I mean never apply a foundation or bronzer all over your face if it leaves a line of demarcation at the jaw or hairline.
    8. If your clothes are red or pink, match your lipstick with them. Just don’t clash the color tones. That would be tacky. If what you are wearing is peach or coral, your blush and lipstick should have that same underlying color or be a neutral tone.

Never ignore your own preferences just because your favorite celebrity chooses a style you don’t like. They key is to be comfortable with your own style and not anyone else’s. If you love a certain look, give it a shot and ask for feedback from close friends.

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