Acupuncture as a Non-Surgical Facelift?


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The Holy Grail for many women (and men) is finding a real alternative to surgical face lifts that actually works. Some suggest creams or bizarre looking machines to do the trick, while others swear by facial exercises. But a new method for achieving that face lift you’ve always wanted may be achieved by a form of medicine thousands of years old. Acupuncture has been around for millennia, and while the scientific benefits may be in doubt, the growing chorus of satisfied customers provides all the convincing most people need.

During acupuncture, a series of very fine needles are used over the patient’s body, not only in the face. Many practitioners believe that the needles help the bodies’ natural energy flow freely through the body, helping to make wrinkles disappear or at the very least seem less visible. This energy is known as a persons’ chi.

The average cost of these treatments ranges from $800 for a series of 10 to $2000. Patients have claimed that the results last for as little as two months, too as long as almost two years.

Of course, Western doctors (those that are not getting your money) see acupuncture as a waste of time and decry it as snake oil. But studies that have been done with people who have gotten acupuncture swear by it and feel that since there is no surgery, it is the best non-invasive way for them to look younger.

Acupuncture is also preferred in the studies to botox, which is more expensive and can be dangerous. Folks that have gotten acupuncture swear that even though they are being stuck with needles, that it is a painless procedure and that they will do it again. It is unknown if this argument will ever be solved.

Acupuncture can be traced back at least 8000 years to ancient China. There are historical references referring to acupuncture throughout Chinese history, showing that the practice never really went out of style at any point during history.

Even during the Chinese revolution in 1911, which saw the vast influx of Western style teachings and medical practices, acupuncture remained a common medical practice, even though the practitioners of Western style medicine suppressed it.

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Acupuncture has grown significantly in Europe and North America to the point where it has become a common form of treatment for ailments that traditional medicine has a hard time curing, such as back pain, cancer and many other “incurable” diseases.

It is unknown if acupuncture can really provide the same or even similar results of a face lift. But for those that swear by it, acupuncture does seem to provide a major lift in people’s self confidence, and since that is also the real point of getting a face lift to begin with, maybe acupuncture really is the same thing, after all.

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