Best Diet for Preventing Diabetes - How to Prevent Diabetes from Happening - Part I


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Till 30 years ago, Type2 diabetes was a disease typical to older adults aged 40 or above. However, thanks to our current diet and lifestyle patterns, even young adults and teenagers have caught on the disease. And the reason for this is not hard to guess. The kind of diet we follow today is actually very good in promoting type2 diabetes. Obviously we are not following the best diet for preventing diabetes. In this article I will tell you how a simple change in lifestyle will help you to prevent diabetes from ever happening.

The good thing is that you can change your diet and lifestyle if you want to. No diet or lifestyle is written in stone that cannot be changed. You can change the trend by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. And I have some proof as well to support my claims.

Just recently a research was conducted on patients whose blood sugar levels were exceptionally high. The patients were split into two groups. Group A was instructed to exercise for thirty minutes a day and eat foods that are rich in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates. Group B was given the usual diabetes medications and not allowed to do any kind of exercise or change their diet patterns. The results speak for themselves. Six years later it was found that the patients in Group A had a significant drop in blood sugar level while the patients in Group B had a significant increase in blood glucose level. So, what do you conclude from this case study?

In the second part of this article I discuss more about the best diet for preventing diabetes and also how, regular exercises and workouts can help you live a healthier life. To access the second part of the article, simply click on the link in my resource box below.

Excessive diabetes can damage your health beyond imagination. To learn more about best diet for preventing diabetes, read her full article Best Diet for Preventing Diabetes-How to Prevent Diabetes from Happening-Part II by going to:
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8 Diabetes Diet Guidelines To Improve Lifestyle Of People With Diabetes
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