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The Depression Types


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You may also find that if your hormones are off balance your depression will grow further and further into depression. Those who are going through puberty or those going through the change of life will notice that they may be depressed because they are going through a change in hormones. You may also find that if you are on drugs you will become a depressed person through the drug abuse.

There has been research for depression and through the research there has been noted that there are forms of depression. One type of depression is known as major depressive disorder. This is where someone will have five or more episodes within two weeks. The depression is always reoccurring and they will not feel it all the time, but may every other day. It will happen for the rest of your life, but you can stop the episodes by getting medical help. Through medication and therapy, you will be able to control your depression and you will feel better. You will find that it never goes away, but you feel like you are under control.

Then there is another type of depression known as dysthymia. This is where you suffer from the less serious symptoms. You will have trouble with your eating and sleeping. You may not be getting enough or you may be eating or getting too much sleep. In addition, people will feel tired for no reason, but still feel the need to get up out of bed.

A person with type of depression is milder and they will be able to overcome depression by seeking a therapist. The way you can tell if someone has major depressive disorder or someone with dysthymia is that dysthymia will not hinder a person from living their life. They will still do all of that they use to, but they will complain or act like life is so small in meaning. They still know that life has meaning, and do not seem hopeless.

Depression does not hinder just one race. You will find that not only will people of all racial groups, social groups, and personality. You will also find that it does not just affect one age group either. No matter what type of depression that you may have you can form the disorder at any age. Even little kids start to kill depression, however, those who have depression is 25-44 in age. There have been cases where children of very young ages have committed suicide because of their depression. Do not allow someone's age make you think that they are depressed or that they won't hurt themselves when the classic signs are there.

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Depression Types Major Depressive And Dsthymia
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