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Meditation is not just good for you. It can also brighten your outlook on life. Two separate scientific studies, one done in Australia and one done in the United States, have shown that certain meditation techniques stimulate the left side of the brain, resulting in decreased anxiety and a happy disposition.

Science meets ancient wisdom

Findings from these studies lend scientific credibility to what Buddhist monks have known for years. Meditation can treat physical pain as well as anxiety and depression.

The study done by researchers in the United States found that people who meditated had a more active left frontal lobe, which is related to lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. And aren't lower anxiety and a more positive outlook things everybody could use?

Meditate smarter, not harder

The best way to achieve therapeutic meditation is through single object focus. In a study done by Professor Jack Pettigrew, a neuroscientist from the University of Queensland, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks used this technique, also known as one-point meditation. The monks practicing one-point mediation were able to perceive more positive images in visual perception tests than any other group.

There are a lot of old-school meditation aids out there, such as incense, chants and chimes that can provide a point of focus. However, none of them really grab your attention and hold it in the face of a hectic modern lifestyle. Good meditation tools, like Zen Sticks, will engage as many senses as possible, blocking out distractions and helping you get centered.

The right tool for the job

As life gets more hectic, people need more than those wave machines or little balls on strings. They need meditation tools that use sight, touch, smell and sound to reach a peaceful state of mind quickly and easily.

When choosing a meditation tool for one-point meditation, consider choosing something that’s made of a natural material, like wood. This will help you feel more connected to the natural world around you. Also, your meditation tool will become an important part of your daily routine. Choose a material, color and shape that appeals to you personally.

Meditation has never been easier

Meditation with your Zen Stick will make you feel better and make the world look brighter. Finding inner peace is just as easy as it looks when you hold, sense, throw and catch this simple but beautiful meditation tool. Click here to buy your Zen Stick today. Still have questions? Call us at 918-288-2073 or send e-mail to .

Sleeping Tiger, LLC created and produces Zen Sticks meditation tools. They are dedicated helping humans find peace and tranquility in their personal environment, and also strive to protect the world's natural resources. A portion of all proceeds benefit My Brothers’ Keeper Tiger Sanctuary, a big cat refuge for rescued tigers in Sperry, Oklahoma.


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