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Colon Cleansing for Optimum Health

Lee Dobbins

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A number of different physical ailments like fatigue, bad skin, food allergies, obesity, headaches, joint pain, constipation and a slew of other conditions that rob us of our health and vitality. Most of these and many other symptoms are caused by a hypoactive colon, or large intestine. We cannot hope to remove harmful toxins from our bodies when the major organ responsible for removal is not functioning properly.

When the body comes in contact with foreign matter like chemicals or drugs or even processed food, it reacts by producing more mucus as an act to protect the vital organs and other internal parts from this foreign invader. This is a natural functioning of our collective defense mechanism. However, over time the body starts to produce too much mucus as more and more chemicals and pollutants enter the body. This causes the large intestines to become caked on with stalled mucus and filth and this in turn leads to a clogged colon.

This will cause the intestines to begin absorbing the foul, tainted substances instead of absorbing nutrients as it is designed to do. The poisons then circulate all throughout the body through the lymphatic system. The blood then can deposit these harmful toxins in different areas of the body causing all kinds of disturbing conditions including those mentioned before.

The first step is cleaning the colon. However, just as important is changing eating habits. Dietary change is often the most difficult and productive things any human being can do. Cleaning the colon but then continuing to shovel in more filth is counterproductive. Most find it very hard to do at first but once the benefits began to materialize, it becomes easier. Over time, eating right becomes second nature. Doing this accomplishes two things: first, one stops the amount of harmful things coming into the body. Second, the body is better able to produce the right kinds of enzymes and begins to heal itself from the inside out.

But cleaning the colon is also very important to fully realize total health potential. Suing certain dietary herbs such as psyllium husk can help grab a hold of all the sludge deposited in the large intestine and pull it out of the body for proper evacuation. Also colonics or enemas are great ways to jump start the process of cleansing if one desires rapid results.

The benefits of colon cleansing are amazing. Not only does health and vitality return but also appearances can change dramatically. Skin becomes cleaner and blemish free, eyes become bright and clear. One can even look years younger after ridding the body of excess internal debris. The body is made to function with energy and strength. When cleaned and given the vital nutrients it needs the body becomes strong and youthful just like nature intended.

Lee Dobbins writes for Colon Articles where you can learn more about keeping your colon healthy and get more articles on colon care and colon cleansing .


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Colon Cleansing Health and Bodybuilding Performance
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