Tips To Prepare Favorite Meal On Low GI Diet


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A low GI diet consists of foods that are low on GI levels of the carbohydrate food that is taken by an individual. These GI levels are evaluated on the basis of a method that rank a food on the blood glucose level that is released in the body after eating. A low GI food offers a wide variety and has a lot of taste. It is more appetizing and more satisfying and later the individual doesn’t crave for more food. A lot of family problems happen over the food as different individuals have different choices. So if a family is taking a Low GI diet then here are some tips that can avoid arguments over the type of food that is taken.

Few Tips

1. Use a cooking spray that is a staple of low GI food cooking regime. Cooking spray is available in variety of flavors and they add no fat to the meal project at all. Using this spray instead of butter and oils will drastically reduce the amount of fats in preparing the favorite meals for low GI.

2. Fish is another staple of the low fat cooking. One can make great dishes in less time. Just grab some foil and put flounder in the center. Spray with butter flavored cooking spray and add favorite vegetables and bake them in the oven.

3. Low GI diet not only involves fish and chicken, red meats are also used in the favorite meals. Most of the leaner cuts do tend to be a littler tougher than fatty counterparts, but can be easily addressed with a good tenderizer.

4. Add some flavor and can spice with great condiments like lemon and honey as well as peepers and seasoning.

5. Use margarine instead of butter- it is very hard to tell the difference between margarine and butter that is low in calories.


Before preparing favorite meals on low GI diets one thing should be borne in the mind that does not overlook the health factor. It is best to prepare low crabs meals regarding good health reasons. One more important thing is that do not prepare the meal with high calorie. Make food that includes favorite vegetables and is healthy.

Effect of low GI diets on health

Low GI diets is one of the simplest and easiest way by which people will not only be healthy but also trim down their excessive fats. Low GI diet benefits are as following:

1) Enhance Energy Level : As long as people will take proper low GI diets they will enjoy the high- level of energy everyday.

2) Lower blood pressure: Low GI diets also plays an important role in reducing intake of carbohydrates, which immediately result to lower blood pressure.

3) Reduce Cholesterol: Low GI diets also help in reducing cholesterol levels. This is really a blessing for the people suffering from obesity.

4) Regularized sleeping schedule: People who is suffering from insomnia can get relief with proper low GI diets.

5) Enjoy Flawless skin : This types of diet also help in protecting the skin and increase the freshness of skin.


Glycemic index is a cardinal way to rank the carbohydrates according to their effect on individuals blood glucose level. Low GI diets is best for the people because it produces only marked fluctuations in human blood glucose and insulin levels, which is an effective method to avoid heart disease for long-term. Low GI diet is the best option for the people who are suffering with obesity and excessive fat. Glycemic index diets help in reducing the sporadic hunger and maintain the proper balance of energy level.

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