Could These Alternative Rosacea Treatments Help You?


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The common Rosacea treatments depend on which of the four different kinds of Rosacea you are trying to treat.

For the most common type of Rosacea that features the constant redness in the face and the red lines under the skin, doctors will most commonly prescribe antibiotics. Most of these are given in pill form and not in a face cream since Rosacea tends to make the face too sensitive to apply creams.

If you have had this form of Rosacea for a long time, the red blood vessels under the facial skin might not go away even after successful antibiotic treatment (much like varicose veins), so laser surgery is the most common treatment.

If your case of Rosacea has progressed to the point where you have small, puss-filled pimples on your face, a different set of medication is prescribed. A more active form of antibiotic is usually called in at this point, as well as common ointments that wouldn’t normally be used in less severe cases. The skin tends to not be as sensitive even though you have a more severe case of Rosacea, so most often the method in which to deliver the antibiotics comes in the form of a face cream.

If you have progressed to having thick skin with many bumps and dilated pours, the most common treatment is a drug called isotretinoin. Also, laser surgery for the face to help smooth out the bumpy areas is common, as well.

Finally, if your Rosacea has progressed to the stage where it is affecting your eyes, your doctor may prescribe eye drops for mild cases, and in severe cases, antibiotics and ointments directed at curing the eye condition are usually given.

Laser surgery has become one of the most popular ways to treat Rosacea. The laser treatment works by using light waves that are aimed directly at the visible blood vessels underneath the skin. The light waves essentially melt the vessels with heat so that they can’t be seen anymore. It usually takes several of these laser treatments to make all visible vessels go away. This treatment can be expensive and it is only recommended for those that have extreme cases or seek laser surgery as a form of cosmetic treatment.

Other laser treatment, such as the use of a vascular laser to help reform tissue in the face and nose has become popular as well. The latest technology on the laser treatment front is known as intense pulsed light sources. They act just like lasers but use many different wavelengths so that they have a broader impact on the face and help take care of more skin-related problems associated with Rosacea.

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With so many Rosacea treatments available, it can be hard determining what the right treatment is for you. The best advice is to seek the help of a doctor who you trust or one recommended in your area as being an expert in Rosacea treatment

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