What Are Your Rosacea Triggers?


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Something that you need to remember when considering Rosacea triggers is that everyone is different. Rosacea is extremely under-reported, and each person may have a different trigger than the other. The most important thing to remember is that if you feel you have Rosacea, consult your doctor to find out what the most likely triggers are for you.

The most commonly reported trigger to Rosacea is extended exposure to the sun. While this makes sense, it can often be confused with sunburn.

Stress and emotional angst are commonly reported triggers, as well. This makes more sense that it would be a real trigger, as doctors are constantly discovering new problems that stress causes in the human body on a daily basis.

Hot weather was another reported trigger. While this may be tied into the sunburn theory, it is possible that simple exposure to heat and sunlight can trigger something in the skin that causes an outbreak of Rosacea.

Wind exposure is commonly reported, which makes sense that something that would irritate the skin would cause an outbreak. Again, be careful not to confuse a wind-caused Rosacea outbreak with common wind chafing that can be common after extended periods (usually hours) of exposure to high wind.

Heavy exercise is a common trigger for many Rosacea sufferers, and again, you can point to the fact that sweat is irritating the skin for the reason. Also, the heat generated by the body through exercise could be exacerbating symptoms.

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Alcohol is reported to be a common trigger. A similar condition called “gin blossoms” is associated with Rosacea. It was thought that a constant reddening of the face that doesn’t go away to be a sign of alcoholism, however alcohol does not cause Rosacea.

Hot baths also have been reported as a trigger, and this strengthens the idea that Rosacea is linked to extreme heat changes.

Spicy foods are a likely trigger too. They dilate the blood vessels in the face and they are also a likely source of food allergies. Try to avoid any and all foods, which dilate blood vessels, such as caffeine and artificial sweeteners found in many popular diet beverages.

Finally, cosmetics are thought to be a common trigger. Rosacea is three times more likely in women than in men and the concept that the condition is related to skin irritation connects with cosmetic usage. Also, any kind of skin lotion or cream that is used is thought to be a trigger. If you have Rosacea, a good tip to remember is to try and not wear any makeup or use any kind of harsh or perfumed skin care products for a time and see if that makes any significant difference in your Rosacea outbreaks.

The biggest problem in beating Rosacea is isolating how individual triggers affect each particular person. Once modern medicine has a better grasp on how this situation works, we will be that much closer to a cure.

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