Back Pain And Getting Older – Do They Always Go Hand In Hand?


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As you begin to age, the signs of aging such as gray hair, the extra little crinkles around your eyes, the scant beginnings of the skin sagging ever so slightly, the physical tiredness which comes so much earlier than you expect and the fitful nights when sleep won't come all leave you with the clear understanding that no matter how young you may feel, at some point your body does began to betray you.

Another one of the things quite often associated with getting older is back pain.

The spine is what we rely on to keep us up right, to give us support and get through our activities of daily living. So you can see how vitally important back health is to your overall wellness. Because of this, you absolutely must take care of your back.

Over the years there are many bad habits that you can come to call your own, many of them not even remotely beneficial for your spine and that is something which must change.

As you age and reach the more mature years even the smallest things can cause back pain and irritation of the spine. You must attempt to alleviate back pain and irritation as soon as possible before long term damage has time to set in.

Far too often many decide that back pains are simply associated with the concept of aging and choose to accept it for such. Choosing not to see your health care provider simply because you personally decide that you are getting older and there's nothing that can be done about it is a ridiculous notion.

Regardless of your age you absolutely deserve the best quality of life available and deciding to tolerate chronic back pain is a very poor choice. Even if you must be aggressive and demand a second or even a third opinion you must not accept back pain for something that you simply must learn to live with. Demand a different answer.

If your primary care physician feels that you need a more specialized approach s/he may refer you to a neurosurgeon who can take a look at your back pain through a different set of eyes and perhaps even with a fresh approach.

After taking a complete personal and medical history your physician may order an extensive series of test such as a CT scan, a MRI scan and even blood work to try to determine the root cause of your back pain.

When your physician has received in the results of all of your test and after reviewing all of your medical and personal history, she will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together more accurately.

Based on these results your physician will be able to design a treatment plan specifically for your back pain. This treatment plan may include light stretching and exercise, moist heat, anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, and even a short-term course of pain medication if your level of pain necessitates this course of therapy. Some treatment plans may include back surgery if this is deemed necessary by your neurosurgeon.

Back pain and aging do not necessarily have to go hand and hand. You must not accept it as a natural part of aging. You must see your physician before you decide that back pain and aging is your lot in life. You deserve a pain free life.

So go for it!

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