How Laser Hair Removal Pricing Is Determined


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As the effectiveness of laser hair removal has led to its becoming the one of the most popular forms of eliminating unwanted hair, more and more people have become interested in learning about laser hair removal pricing. But there is no single answer to their questions; each person’s hair removal needs are treated as unique, and treatments are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Pricing will differ according to the area of the body from which the hair is being removed, as well as the number or session it will take to eliminate the hair entirely, and the doctor administering the treatments. So those consulting with a doctor about laser hair removal should get the details both of the laser hair removal process itself and the laser hair removal pricing.

Pricing Policies

There are several methods which clinics use to price their laser hair removal services:

Flat Fee laser hair removal pricing can be done either on a single treatment or series of treatments basis. The flat fee will be the same for all patients having the same specific area of their bodies treated, regardless of the amount of hair they need removed.

Some laser hair removal pricing is done on a time basis; clinics which use this form of pricing will normally charge for every fifteen minutes of treatment. Before you agree to treatments for a clinic employing this pricing policy, remember the slower its laser equipment and laser technicians are, the less hair you’ll have removed in fifteen minutes, and the more expensive your overall treatment will be.

Another form of laser hair removal pricing is the fee per pulse method. Each firing of the laser is a pulse, and pulses usually less just under one second. A pulse can penetrate up to one hundred hair follicles, so the amount of hair that is being removed will determine the number of pulses necessary to complete a treatment.

Some clinics employ fee per pulse laser hair removal pricing by charging a minimum for a certain number of pulses. Any pulses required beyond the minimum number will cost a dollar each. But over the period of the entire hair removal process, the client will need less hair removed, so each session will require fewer pulses and cost less. The price per pulse varies according to the laser needed because different lasers target different amounts of hair.

Pricing also depends the geographic area where the clinic is situated, and the practitioner. It may account for the practitioner’s entire business, or it may just be just one of many services which a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon offers.

Getting The Best Pricing For Yourself

Your particular needs will affect the laser hair removal pricing you receive. The thickness and amount of your hair, the area of your body which will be treated, and the number of treatments required will all influence your final treatment costs.

If you decide to go ahead with laser hair removal, don’t be afraid to negotiate for a discount with your practitioner. By offering to pay for an entire series of treatments in advance, you may be able to lock in lower per-session prices.

The high cost of laser hair removal is, for many people, well worth its long-term results. If you are tired of having to spend time and money every day coping with your unwanted hair, getting rid of it once and for all may make the cost seem less significant. But take the time to comparison shop among the laser removal facilities in your area, to make sure that the money you do spend will bring you the maximum satisfaction.

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