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One question that seems to be on everyone’s lips in recent years is how to lower cholesterol? There are a variety of answers to that question. The answers depend on who is asked the question. If a pharmacist or even many doctors are asked that question they will almost always be guaranteed to answer the question with the name of one of the statin drugs that seem to be popular as of late. If you ask an herbalist how to lower cholesterol - they will almost always answer with some type of herbal remedy that are gaining popularity, since the side effects of statin drugs are becoming more widely known to the general public. If you ask a dietitian, they will answer with a list of diet changes that can be made.

If you ask an aerobics instructor there answer will involve an aerobics routine. All these answers may be right for different people. Statin drugs

Statin drugs may be the answer to some people in extreme cases where the immediate benefits may outweigh the long-term side effects. That decision would be up to the individual and their physician as it can be a difficult one. The side effects can often be extreme with the statin drugs so treatment with them should be a well informed decision. Personally, we advise people to steer away from these and look for more natural approaches.

Herbal remedies and Dietary changes

Herbal remedies and Dietary changes would be a good answer of how to lower cholesterol for most people. There are many herbal remedies available, many high quality natural herbal remedies can be easily found in the New Zealand area. Herbal remedies can help you safely lower your cholesterol naturally with no worries about side effects and can quite often have many other health benefits as well. Herbal remedies are also one of the easiest changes in life that can be made to promote better health and along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, may help to extend a persons life span.

There are many dietary changes that people can make to help lower their cholesterol, one of the biggest one is to lower the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and Trans fats in the diet. Other changes would include adding some of the many foods that have been found to lower cholesterol and just plain following the food pyramid, with all the servings of fruits and vegetables and the smaller portions of meat. Exercise

Exercise can play an important role in how to lower cholesterol as it promotes good all around health as well as keeps excess body fat down, which has high cholesterol levels, and keeps the circulatory system working well to promote proper excretion of excess cholesterol. The best type of exercise found to promote good circulation is aerobics whether it is walking, swimming, bicycling or an actual aerobic workout.

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Diet to Lower Cholesterol A Simple Explanation of Just What is Cholesterol
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