Liposuction On Love Handles - Men Can Do It, Too


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Cosmetic or plastic surgery, liposuction to drain body far and trim down the flabs - we tend to think only women make up the majority of those who are seriously into this. And yet love handles occur in men more than they do in women, leading us to the obvious - liposuction on love handles; yes, men can do it, too.

Although a large percentage of plastic surgery patients remain to be women, more men are seeking and seeking the benefits of plastic surgery. They do this for the same reasons women do it: to hold back the ravages of time, remain in the game, to maintain a self-image, and of course, to shed off the unsightly pounds. Probably the most unsightly pile of pounds in men is the love handle.

Liposuction on love handles for men works in the same way it does for women. Small and precise incisions are made around a target area that has accumulated deposits of fat. Into the incisions a tube is inserted and through this tube the fat is sucked out of the body. For women, the usual siphoned off places of fat include the inner thighs, the buttocks, and the abdomen. So, for men wanting to shed off those fats without the attendant exercises, targeting the abdomen for the needed incisions and tube-insertion works out just fine. No diets and certainly no workouts.

Surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, remains surgery, and so caution is advised. One is advised to consider liposuction only after other methods of losing unwanted deposits of fat have been pursued vigorously and systematically, and perhaps in tandem with consultations with a health professional.

Liposuction may not be considered by most as the instant money-down-results-immediately love handle solution. This is because men seeking to avail of such a procedure should already be observing healthy lifestyles; that is, if one wants best results. But still, liposuction on love handles remains an option to lose those flabs.

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