Three Good Tips On Losing Those Love Handles


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You can either hope for instant ways to trim and tone your love handles, or you can heed these tips that not only work but also make sense.

1. Be a take-notes eater. The moment you decide you are sick of those bulges, pick up a notebook and a pen and take it with you always. Jot down what you eat and what time of day and how many servings. Start with only with what you consumed during the day. Later, research those foodstuffs on the Internet, where you are likely to find their equivalent calorie counts. When you do the math, you will realize that numbers don't lie. Your calorie burn out program should exceed your regular amount of calorie intake. Don't take this simple note taking for granted. From your recorded food and calorie intake, you can decide on how to change your eating habits. Start with this and you are on your way to losing your love handles.

2. Sweat out all those doubts. Cutting down on food servings, junk food, sugar, and increasing your intake of grainy foods may not be enough, as you shall soon see in two weeks’ time of your toned-down diet. You need to augment your diet with workouts that burn those fats, and eventually, tone down and slim those flabs on your belly. The doubts and insecurities some people have about diets and some weight loss programs actually drive them to workout, and to stick to those workouts. So, if you have doubts, run twenty minutes a day, jog in the part during breaks, join an aerobic exercises class, anything to keep that idle mind to fill up with doubts. Because you can really ditch those love handles.

3. Make attainable promises to yourself. At some point, you will miss those snacks and sweets your body has been used to ingesting. If you do give in, you have to make allowances. No one is demanding that you should have that iron will. What you need to do is commit yourself to those workouts, because the more often you give in to those snacks and junk and gourmet food, the more calories you will need to burn. As you stick to your changed eating habits and workouts, the less binge eating and snack indulging you will engage in, and the less pressure you will put on yourself. No point in pressuring yourself to attain the impossible. Start small, stick to it, and results will come in. A combined diet and workout is sure to burn out those love handles.

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How To Lose Love Handles - A Simple Yet Effective Exercise Lose Love Handles
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