What Are the Options for Pregnancy Stretch Marks?


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Pregnancy stretch marks are a pertinent issue for all pregnant women because of the embarrassment and negative self image that can result. In most cases, stretch marks are likely to form during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy as a result of the sustained stretching of the abdomen. Despite the fact that this condition is quite natural, a high percentage of women are afflicted by this condition and seek treatments and remedies to minimize or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The most common are where stretch marks form are the stomach are but can also manifest around the breasts, buttocks, stomach or thighs. The color of stretch marks varies from brown to pink, red and a deeper shade of purple. Pregnant women who are concerned about this condition can take precautions to minimize the chances that they will occur. One of the best ways to do this is to use natural products such as castor oil or olive oil. Women who have initiated this form of treatment during the early stages of pregnancy have experienced positive results. The best way to do this is to apply the lotion directly to the skin after a shower when the skin is supple, the pores open and receptive to absorbing the lotion.

Stretch mark creams are another topical remedy that women consider. Not all women experience success with these creams. It is important that you remain aware of the active ingredients in stretch mark creams. Some products are not considered suitable for use during pregnancy because the skin absorption of the active ingredients presents risks for the unborn child. It is recommended that you do thorough due diligence before using these products.

There are several other forms of treatments available for reducing and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. These treatments are usually considered if topical products have failed. The treatments vary according to the condition and can be quite costly. It is recommended that you explore the options to become better educated to make an informed decision.

Unsure about pregnancy stretch marks ? Find out the options for treatment and prevention of stretch marks.


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Stretch Marks In Pregnancy - Avoidable Or Inevitable?
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