Drinking Green Tea and Losing Weight Subsequently


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Green tea is widely known for its beneficial effects. Aside from having anticancer properties and the capability to protect the body against heart illnesses, the popular drink is now being touted as the healthy way to deal with weight concerns. In short, green tea and losing weight is the combination that’s bound to make a phenomenal effect on the weight loss industry.

A very recent study has found that green tea and losing weight are connected to each other. The study showed that the green tea extract accelerates the process of burning unwanted calories and fat to lose weight. Animal studies conducted earlier showed that green tea extract had the ability to increase thermogenesis, or the method of generating body heat through normal digestion, absorption and metabolization of food.

Meanwhile, previous studies done on humans revealed that drinking green tea boosted thermogenesis, energy expenditure and loss of fat in healthy men. This finding that uncovers the crucial link between green tea and losing weight showed that green tea, whether in capsule or liquid form, may be an efficient way to lose weight.

In the meantime, another study showed that green tea with caffeine also result in a considerable increase in the process of thermogenesis. Consuming green tea with caffeine caused thermogenesis to increase by 28 percent to 77 percent, although this was dependent on the dose. Caffeine only did not yield any significant increase. The increase became more notable when the stimulant ephedrine was added to green tea with caffeine.

Green tea and losing weight is also becoming an established combination after it was proven that drinking the beverage helps adults lose approximately 78 calories a day. In addition to that, the powerful health drink also accelerates the oxidation of fats. Green tea helps prevent fats from being digested by thwarting the release of digestion enzymes. The undigested particle is then expelled from the body through natural means.

It has also been proven in numerous scientific studies that people who consistently consume green tea for long periods of time have a lower body fat percentage as compared to individuals who do not drink green tea regularly. According to a scientific journal, green tea has a component called catechin that is considered the main element in the reduction of body fat, together with a decrease in the level of cholesterol. Catechins help to maintain the body’s weight by preventing glucose from moving into fat cells. This then stops excess fats and sugars in the body from building up.

The reason why green tea and losing weight are a twosome for dieters is because of a number of findings that illustrate the effectiveness of green tea in reducing body weight. The efficacy of green tea in reducing weight is attributable to the combination of the caffeine in green tea and a component called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a plant chemical that speeds up the body’s production of the hormone noradrenalin, which increases metabolism and represses the body’s desire for food. People who drink green tea regularly are reported to lose about 2 to 2½ pounds a month.

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Healthy Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
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