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For many centuries, green tea has been regarded as the drink of choice, not just for plain drinking, but also as herbal medicine, treatment for illnesses and for weight loss. Below are the different green tea extract benefit and the reasons why the beverage has enjoyed such reputation for over a long period time.

Several studies were done over the last few years to find out the component in green tea that makes it a powerful health drink. Researchers have discovered that the beneficial effects of green tea are attributed to the polyphenols, particularly the catechins, which make up 30 percent of the dry weight of green tea leaves.

Recent studies have shown that catechins are instrumental in one significant green tea extract benefit – weight loss promotion. Catechins in green tea extract affect metabolism in a number of ways: suppressing appetite, inhibiting intestinal lipases, decreasing fat absorption, increasing fat excretion, increasing uncoupling proteins, accelerating thermogenesis, and decreasing lipogenic enzymes. Due to its potential therapeutic advantages and its role in the promotion of weight loss, green tea extract has now become the subject of global studies.

Numerous studies suggest that one green tea extract benefit is its ability to increase metabolism and help burn fat more effectively. A study made a confirmation that when green tea and caffeine are combined, there is significant improvement in the efforts of a moderately obese individual who is trying to lose weight and maintain it. Several researchers believe that catechins are the main causes of the fat-burning effect of the herb.

According to one researcher, there are only a couple of ways to attain weight loss – reduce energy intake or increase energy expenditure. Apparently, the compounds found in green tea are capable of giving a boost to the body’s normal metabolism rate, thereby providing a green tea extract benefit, particularly the weight loss advantage.

Other studies also say that an important body process involving losing weight is enhanced with the help of green tea. Because of the caffeine in green tea and green tea itself, the process of thermogenesis, which is also referred to as increased caloric expenditure, is said to increase by 28 percent to 77 percent, depending on dose. Caffeine alone did not yield significant results. One study has shown that the thermogenic effect caused by green tea extract may be a result of an interaction between its high concentrations of catechin-polyphenols together with caffeine.

A study on bladder cancer cell lines also outlined one more green tea extract benefit, which involves the anti-cancer properties of green tea. The study revealed that green tea extract shows promise in beating cancer. For the first time, the study was able to determine that green tea indeed targets cancer cells and leaves the healthy, normal cells alone. It has been shown in the study that the green tea extract benefit of destroying cancer cells inhibited the growth of an independent blood supply, which cancers develop so they can grow and spread. In the study, it was observed that green tea extract breaks up a process that’s important in permitting bladder cancer to invade and spread to different parts of the body.

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Green Tea - More Than Just Weight Loss
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