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Learn to Manage Anxiety Attacks and Prevent Anxiety Attacks


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Anxiety attacks are also known as a panic attack. Do you know how to manage and also set up a prevention program to address anxiety attacks? What can you do to prevent from getting such attacks again and again? Before we go into the tricks and tips in learning to manage anxiety attacks and find ways to prevent anxiety attacks, let us take a look on the symptoms and what causes anxiety attacks.

Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks

If you are suffering from the following symptoms, then it is mostly you are suffering from anxiety attacks.

1. Increased hear and breathing rates
2. Dry mouth
3. Chest pains
4. Loss of touch with reality
5. Nausea
6. Numbness or tingling in your limbs
7. Sweating
8. Diarrhea

Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

The following may describes the cause of anxiety attacks.

1. You may be suffering from a stressful situation.
2. You may also remember a stressful event that occurred in the past.
3. An unexpected illness

Manage Anxiety Attacks Using Medicine

Some herbs like ginseng, wild yam, borage, licorice, chamomile, mile thistle, nettle kava, St John's Wort, Inositol may help to manage anxiety attacks. It is also recommended to check and consult with your health care professional before consuming these kinds of herbs. Your health care professional may even recommended better solutions to help you manage anxiety attacks better.

Prevent Anxiety Attacks

There are definitely many ways to treat and prevent anxiety attacks.

Acupuncture is known to have help thousands of sufferers. It can help to restore the flow of the ‘qi’ in your body and would help to induce a state of deep relaxation

If possible, exercise regularly. This is an effective way to treat and prevent anxiety attacks. Yoga or aerobic activities are especially useful to manage anxiety attack.

Never underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can sometimes trigger anxiety attacks. Prevent anxiety attacks by getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Meditation is also another excellent way to manage anxiety attacks. It has been shown that meditation can help to reduce anxiety.

Deep breathing or visualization is such relaxation techniques that can help to prevent anxiety attacks.

Above all, do not ever use alcohol and drugs to copy with your anxiety. Not only, alcohol and drugs can make the problem worse, eventually, consuming too much alcohol or abusing drugs will cause problems of their own.

It is also good to cut back on caffeine intake. Go easy on the soda, coffee and tea. Caffeine increase anxiety, cause insomnia.

Last but not least, spend as much quality time as possible with your family or loved ones or with people who make you feel good and happy. The more social support you have from your close friends and immediate family, the less chance you will be expose to stress and provoke anxiety attacks.

It can be a slow process to manage anixety attack and effectively prevent anxiety attacks. However be persistent in your quest to stay happy and find meaningful projects to fill up your life, sooner or later, you can overcome anxiety attacks.

Jeremy Molden is an ex-sufferer from panic attacks for almost 10 years. He is now an internet entrepreneur and knows of many ways to manage panic attacks and prevent panic attacks besides using drugs. Find out more at his website


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