Who Or What Are You Giving Your Power To?


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My husband was still suffering from alcoholism. My teenage daughters were both suicidal, my mom (and best friend) was diagnosed with an incurable, untreatable disease, two of my kids had a serious heart disease, the fixer upper we bought was in half-done shape for years.

But no matter what the circumstances, I found out, I can be happy and move toward my goals.

I didn't have any goals.

Come to find out that THAT was my biggest problem. I didn't have any real goals. I knew what I didn't want. But I had not taken time to sit and think about what I did want. That is worth saying again. We must sit down and decide what we DO want.

That is not possible if I allow people and things to suck up all my energy. I must spend time with only people and events and readings that will empower me. You see, if I read about or listen to crime and punishment, or how the neighbors dog ate the other neighbors cat it automatically and instantaneously takes energy just to absorb and react to it. No Way!!

I only listen to and read or watch information, and visit with those who will ADD to my energy, or power.

Does it sound silly? It isn't. Avoid negativity for one whole day and only focus on positive, and uplifting, personal development-type stuff.

Highly successful and brilliant people talk about thoughts. Remember that.

Thoughts are things.

My goal is to be an accomplished speaker. My job is to continue to learn, so I can continue to teach. What is your dream?

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