Natural Ways to Relieve Worry and Stress


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Nothing helps to get ones mind of a worrying problem, like an unpleasant situation from which there is no release; and illness to which there is no immediate cure; the memory of something we would rather forget or a troublesome circumstance from which there is no escape - as an all absorbing hobby or preoccupation worth pursuing.

The dedication to a sport – (like golf for a man, and tennis for a woman for instance) can be welcome regular hours of escape from the duties and obligations and associated issues that sometimes cause worries.

For the “real thing” that trouble the heart and mind, the dedication to some voluntary duties; an hour of gardening or hunting with a camera for shots of nature’s beauty can be great relief. Collecting things like coins, stamps, porcelain, and curio items take ones mind of undesirable preoccupations in favour of better ones.

Apart of easing the worry or “being sorry for oneself” other outside interest and hobbies heal! The therapeutic effects as such are undeniable, as it changes what is inclined to make one feel unwell to sensations of a healthier state, namely, the mind off the trouble and to a sensation of satisfaction and even accomplishment, when some such task is done or represents a completed item. Take a drive into the country and contemplate the scenery of another environment!

There is so much healing to the “bruised soul” in caring for and loving a pet, not to mention ones awareness of the loyalty and devotion it gives in return.

Sitting quietly in ones favourite chair and listening to ones chosen music, has one of the greatest healing powers of all. As sound vibrations, reaching the ear and thus the mind, have a powerful effect on the psyche, which in most cases is the very thing that is ailing and if not treated and stresses are allowed to continue, can cause actual physical illness and disorder.

It may not be well known – that much repair of body and mind is done while we sleep – but it is the case! Therefore in very stressful moments it is of great benefit to make one - self relax, control ones thinking (meditate in other words) and take a nap or at least drowse in a state of low worry activity. In preparation for this, a hot bath is relaxing and beneficial!

If all else fails – which it won’t if you are dedicated to relieving your condition a chosen and favourite way – console yourself that time brings change – and time and change heals everything!


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