Psychotherapy Through Dream Interpretation

Christina Sponias

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Many people tell me with skepticism that they never see dreams and they cannot imagine why I consider them so important. However, when they have a psychological problem, I tell them that they must think about their dreams before going to bed and upon awakening. I tell them that if they pay attention to their dreams, they will remember many of them. But nobody believes me at the time…

However, within a few days, they return to me with their notebooks full of dreams to share with me. If they are friends of my son, they scribble their dreams on pieces of paper, rather than in a notebook as I recommend. In fact, some of them usually don’t write their dreams at all…. Fortunately, I have a very good memory and I can usually remember everybody’s dreams even after a long time, so I can relate them with their recent dreams. One of the reasons why it is preferable for us to write down our dreams is because we have to revisit the old dreams in order to understand the new ones.

Dream interpretation, according to the method discovered by Carl Jung, is a very serious matter. Through our dreams, we really learn what the unconscious is telling us, and the messages we receive are very helpful!

Of course, this kind of interpretation is completely different from the common ones employed. Sometimes, it is not easy to understand a dream’s meaning, but with this method, we usually feel that we can understand it because it is a real translation of the symbolic language used by the unconscious, and we realize how it is intrinsically connected to our life.

One of the most common themes encountered in dreams is a fight between the dreamer and a strange extraterrestrial being, or wars. Invasions by foreigners, fights in which the dreamer has to run away, hide himself, and face many dangers are very common themes everyone dreams about because these dreams represent the fight existing in our psychic sphere. The wild part of us is always trying to destroy our human part. The unconscious part of our psychic sphere is always trying to help the human conscience develop itself, but it is often impeded by the wild, evil part of our psychic sphere; this brings insanity, which tries to destroy and replace our human conscience. This is the big drama of the human psychic sphere, which occurs because the human being is more wild than human. This is why craziness is so common in our world…

People’s dreams reflect their mistakes and misconceptions. They have to learn a lot and transform through an arduous process. The fights in their dreams are a constant theme throughout their lives, unless they start caring about their psychic world.

Another very common vision in dreams is that of falling without end. The dreamer feels that he or she is falling forever and will never stop anywhere.

This dream reflects the danger of insanity. If you are falling without end you are going to face despair. You must do something about it, otherwise you will lose control of your life, and things will be too difficult for you. The interpretation of this dream shows us its terrible meaning; however, this is a very common theme occurring in dreams. People dream about falling all the time… people constantly face despair. The messages in the dreams are not pleasant, they don’t make us happy. They irritate us, because they show us everything we don’t want to see. That is why they appear in this form, which is so incomprehensible for our conscience. We have to learn how to decipher their meanings; otherwise, our Ego won’t accept their messages.

First of all, we have to abandon all our misconceptions about life, so that we will be able to learn the truth about human nature and the world we live in. We have to understand that what we consider as being logical may actually be absurd; we may not be able to perceive this because of our ignorance. For example, we learn that indifference is a disease worse than depression, even though we consider indifference as something that is neither bad nor good, but neutral. You will see though that indifference reflects our craziness because it is completely absurd. We can understand how absurd it would be if someone watched his or her house being burned with indifference. Undoubtedly, this scene must provoke pain in his/her heart! At the same time, we do not think that someone is sick if he or she is indifferent to his or her brother’s pain, or to a stranger’s pain. We believe indifference is a completely normal reaction to certain stimuli and we don’t consider it harmful.

However, the unconscious side of our psychic sphere considers indifference very dangerous, and it tries very hard to help us develop our sensibility. If we are not sensitive, we are monsters without any feeling and if this is so, we can only kill and destroy without understanding what we are doing. This is exactly what happens in our indifferent society, and this is why our world is a place where terror is an everyday happening.

If we want to live life peacefully, we have to change our behavior. There is no other solution for us, because we are more absurd than reasonable, and we are more absurd than reasonable not because we are not intelligent enough, but because we are not sensitive: our hearts are frozen, we do not feel anything. We are like robots without blood and criticism.

During my studies, I came across Carl Jung’s method of deciphering dreams, which helped me and urged me to continue his research into the unknown regions of our psychical sphere. I set my poetry aside and began to compile my findings. I sought to prove that Jung had discovered the proper method of interpretation of dreams. This exercise actually taught me many things, and I continued to pursue Jung’s research into the analysis of dreams. Learn more at


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