Life is Not a Bottle


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It is very easy to feel that we have been ‘corked', as we cork a wine bottle, when our lives fall into calamity. The absurd and ambiguous chain of events, which occur at the point of affliction, can cause us to have a paradigm shift where once we saw ourselves as the succulent wine, we now see ourselves as the neck of the bottle!

As we are forced to contract because of circumstances occurring beyond our control, suddenly the perception of ourselves changes from the flowing, rich wine, to being trapped within the solid and rigid confines of restriction. Everything seems unjust and wrong as the external casing which houses the real you becomes impaired. To get on the other side of the onslaught, it becomes paramount to separate the event (impairment, divorce, bankruptcy etc) from the person that you know is the real you.

If the event becomes just something that happened in our lives instead of an irredeemable loss, which totally finishes us as a person, then we can begin to rebuild our lives - brick by brick! Although the re-building process can take years longer than the process of destruction (as would occur in the ‘mopping up’ of the after-effects of contracting a deadly virus), our lives can be re-built and go on to be happy and successful.

If passion, determination and persistence are present, nothing is impossible.

Even if we need to re-visit our core beliefs of who we know we are on the inside, a hundred times a day, and have to make that visitation for ten or more years before we begin to see change, the transformation in our belief system will eventually begin to show fruit.

Life is not a bottle. It is ever changing and evolving, and if we can grasp that, we will be ever changing and evolving with it.

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Julie Sawyer
Success University Uk/Aust Liason Officer
Adelaide, Australia


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